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Feel unloved

I feel like the worst person ever, and I don’t even wanna eat no more. I started liking this guy and he gave me some hints that he liked me too. But now it’s all over. And I feel like no one will love me. I am dealing with a sickness and even though I am in recovery I feel like no one is gonna like me because of that.

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Dear @nahomi
You are not unlovable, I promise. Not for something like this. Because a true relationship will involve both of you during each other, despite any flaws that you may see in yourself.
As we go through our lives, we may feel that we are missing a few puzzle pieces. We all find pieces along the path, that sorta fit, but not perfectly. Then, we meet somebody, and they have pieces that fit us perfectly, and our extra pieces fit them perfectly. This is love: being able to help each other, build one another up. You will find somebody, and they will have the pieces that fit you.

Stay strong, you are loved


Hey @nahomi,

I’m glad to know you’re in recovery right now! No matter what your sickness is, no one should reject you because of this. It’s quite normal to be afraid of that. You know, I’m sick too. And it’s taking a lot of space in my life. It feels like it took many things and people I loved away from me. I’m constantly worried that I’m going to annoy others if I start to talk about it. But truth is this sickness isn’t defining you. It’s only something you’re currently dealing with and it doesn’t make you less lovable. People who sincerely love and care about you will always look at you in a loving and gentle way. No need to take any sickness in consideration. :wink:

Also I’m sorry to hear about this guy you mentioned. You’re not the worst person ever and it’s not because it didn’t work with him that no one will love you. You’re loved friend. No matter what.

Sending hugs to you. :heart:

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