Feelin alright:)

Today was an ok day, I slept most of it only because I’ve been really tired lately. So I didn’t have much time to feel sad or anxious. Well I take that back, I went out today and had dinner with my mum, there were lots of people there so my anxiety did shoot high… it sucks having social anxiety. But that was basically it. Tomorrow I’m going out to hang out with a friend. But we are going somewhere where there is a lot of people… so might have some anxiety but Iam looking forward to tomorrow! :slight_smile:


I’m so happy that you are alright. Keep it up. Your doing well. All the best with tomorrow


Thank you @Carolyn88 :slight_smile:

Hey friend,
Social anxiety is hard, but you are doing such an amazing job!! I know it’s hard to be surrounded by people but the more you do it the easier it will get.
You are so so strong and brave for not letting it control you’re life, have fun with your friend!

Hold fast,
Love Luna :heart:

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