Feeling alone and down

I try not to think about it, but the loneliness is taken over and I just don’t know what I like to do anymore, and it just pushes people away.

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Sircharles - you are not alone in feeling lonely, and I’m sorry it’s impacting you right now. I don’t know your background or the cause of your feelings right now, but I can share a couple of things that have helped me in the past when I’m feeling lonely. Maybe one of them will help you as well. I also recognize that low motivation is something I struggle with quite often, so these are things that are on the easy side of pulling my head up and into the world from a feeling of being alone.

  • Going for a walk - because sometimes when I feel lonely I’m missing the connection to the rest of the world, and also because I recognize that moving can be helpful for many different things.
  • Either nap or wake up early - because I have a tendency to get either too much OR too little sleep sometimes, and balance is important
  • Drink a V8 - because I have a tendency to not eat my veggies, and vitamins can really help your body feel better, which can help your mind feel better as well
  • Volunteer - even when I feel lonely and down and really like no one is going to understand or be able to help, volunteering can help me feel more connected to my community.

If none of those help - maybe it’s time to talk to a pro? There are so many options now where you can text, email, call or get help in person… I hope you are able to connect with your inner self and lessen the feelings of loneliness in some way soon.

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Hi friend.
I totally get where you’re coming from. I feel that way also. Just know that this won’t be forever. We’ll all get through this together. You have a community who cares about you and I hope you know you’re loved by us. We are here for you no matter what and are ready to listen whenever you need us.
Stay Strong

I just never wanted this… I feel so uncontrolled of myself… I wish I could explain it better.