Feeling Alone @Kitboga

Hi @Kitboga @jakeluhrsabr ,

I’m autistic and rely heavily on parallel play. I enjoy just being in a room with people/others’ presence as I’m not really someone that enjoys too much verbal interaction. I get easily attached to people I’m constantly around but when I’m not around them I get incredibly lonely, and last week + this week I haven’t had much opportunity or excuse to see anyone so I’ve felt more alone than I ever have in my life. It’s also worth mentioning that most people I talk to are going through pretty tough times themselves as it’s later in the year - so I’d feel awful pestering them too much but feel lonely myself so I’m stuck in a vicious cycle that I’m not quite sure how to get out of. I’d just like to know that I’m not the only one really.


Hi Fluffartist,

Just want you to know we are here for you. You are not alone.
Thank you for reaching out with your post.
Sending you a virtual hug your way.


Hello Fluffartist

Loneliness is something that is a big part of my current mental health recovery. I relate to it a lot. I want you to know that it is okay to share with us here what you are going through. I also would encourage you to just check in with those who you think might being going through some things also. Just a, “How are you, are you holidays going well?”. They may ask you back about how yours are going. Hope you feel a bit of relief and can find your way out of your cycle, but if not do not be afraid to post again and tell us about what you are going through. We are here, and you are not a lone. <3


Hi fluffartist,

Good to see you here! I think I have seen you in Kitboga’s twitch chat so it seems you are taking steps to feel less alone. I do hope it helps a bit. Not sure if you are also active in Kit’s Discord server but in my experience that is a nice place to hang out as well. I know it is ‘just’ virtual but the kind reactions of people are very real.
I don’t think reaching out to others who also feel lonely is pestering. Who knows, they might be waiting for you to take the first step because they don’t want to ‘bother’ you. Which would lead to 2 parties waiting for the other and then nothing happens. If you ask somebody if they want to hang out with you they have the freedom to say no. So with that in mind it might be easier to just ask someone and be open to their reaction.
I am also struggling a bit, most of my normal activities are closed bc of the holidays so I miss both the nice things to do plus the structure it provides. I am looking forward to next week when some of the activities will start up again. My point is that you are not alone and not the only one struggling with this either. It will get better, and in the meantime don’t forget that you matter :heart: