Feeling at Peace

I’ve been feeling amazing for the last few days and I’m very grateful for the progress in just a few days of this week. I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere in life and I can happily say I’m slowly moving towards my dream career finally as a writer. I’ve been writing on an app called Wattpad and all my friends who read my stories on there think they are absolutely amazing. I’m currently writing a samurai love story based in Japan, my main character Faith, which is my story name for myself, falls in love with a samurai warrior Kei who feels like she should be with his samurai master Yo-ka after he is found alive after being gone so long. After this story is done I’m actually going to start working on my first novel titled Prom Gone Wrong which is mystery thriller book. I’m so happy that I’m finally able to move towards my dream career finally and not letting toxic people get in my way. I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel and that I can move towards a brighter future.


Hey Ricky,

That is fantastic news, I am incredibly proud of you, Its so lovely to hear you souding to happy and positive, keep doing what makes you happy my friend. I cant wait to hear whats next.



That’s great to hear! You could also post your stories on Archive of Our Own (ao3) if you’d like to find more places to gain traction. If you feel it might be a good idea, making accounts for twitter, a Facebook fan page, tumblr, Instagram, Tiktok, etc etc might help build your audience as well.

:)) hoping for the best for you!

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From: ManekiNeko

Ricky! So lovely to read this post! My goodness, this book sounds amazing. I’m so glad you’ve found your passion and you’ve got some good friends who have been supportive of it! This thriller sounds interesting, I love a good fiction thriller myself! I can’t wait to hear more x


Hi RickyP I’m happy to hear that you are writing and doing what you love. It’s very inspiring as well! Your samurai love story sounds amazing and it actually sounds like it could be a movie. Have you thought about putting your stories in a blog or some type of place like that? You Rock! ~Mystrose

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