Feeling Behind and Down

i feel like im stuck in a room with multiple exits and everyone around me already got out but i can’t seem to find the right way out .but i see everyone around me outside enjoying themselves, while im stuck inside struggling to realize how to get out
not a reference to quarantine, i always feel like when i take two steps forward in reality im five steps behind and can’t keep up.
I have always struggled with math but i think it’s a learning disability of some sorts the best way to describe is like dyslexia but with numbers, i struggle with mental math, tellin time from an analog clock. etc. I feel so far behind. Im in my “Senior Year” Im not graduating on time, which sucks but im taking an economics class and stats class im struggling so hard. I also have been battling covid, i have my girlfriend by my side but tonight was the last straw. I couldn’t keep up with the assignments, I have a struggle with asking for help too. So yeah. I hope this made sense and if it doesn’t, well thats my ADHD.


Hey friend, situations like these can certainly start to feel overwhelming. I think the feeling of being behind is a pretty common struggle, whether it’s feeling like you aren’t where you should be at this point in life, or trying to keep up with the successes of family and friends. I would encourage you to be open to the idea of reaching out for help, it’s daunting, but I’m sure there are people who are willing to help, folks here on the support wall as well. Don’t sweat not graduating on time, the important thing is you’re working towards that goal.

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Hey @rpress38

I totally understand where you are at with school. I failed college math three times, so you are not alone.

Does your school have resources to help struggling students? My school helped me be successful and it might be worth it to see what resources are available to you.

And it sucks that you have COVID. I can’t imagine what that is like, but my mom tested positive today, so I know that it can be scary. Give yourself some grace and do the best you can. Try not to beat yourself up. It has been a weird year and a lot of people are struggling, both physically and mentally.

I am glad you found our community tonight. I hope we can be encouraging to you.

Keep moving forward. Hold fast. I believe in you

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From: bustaxbusta

what a beautiful way to describe your situation. You definitely have a way with words. I also have dyscalculia…which is number dyslexia, and I struggle with it literally every day. You’re not alone at all friend. I understand why you feel ‘left behind’, but you’re not. You’re just on a little bit longer road than some other people. Every person’s road to different goals are different lengths. You have so much time ahead of you to get to where you’re going

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From: katiebugg93

hello friend, while high-school ended for me nearly 10 years ago I can still remember the constant pressure of needing to meet the standards set upon me. Whether those were set by myself, my parents, my teachers or society as a whole, I felt I could never measure up. It is so easy to compare yourself to the person next to you or to the metrics you’re told you must meet to be successful. but these standards do not speak to who YOU are. your path is what make you unique.

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From: jezliee

having dyslexia and dyscalcula has taught me some serious patience when trying to explain things or teach things and helped me be really creative on the fly. I felt so so stupid in high school. in college I learned how to take it and help make sure others don’t feel that way

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Hey friend. We discussed your topic on our Twitch stream today! Here’s the live video response:

Hold fast!


Hey Everyone, Thank you so much for the encouraging words and helping me realize I am not alone in this struggle.
Im extremely grateful for the community here on Heart Support! Yall Rock!!

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