Feeling better lately

My sister came to visit us recently and I have been feeling better by spending time with her and those suicidal thoughts come less often.

She actually listens to what I have to say when I am talking to her about my problems, doesn’t judge me or anything like my parents do, and is just pleasant to be around in general.
She said that I can come over to her place to spend the Summer and I am kinda excited about it because I won’t have to stay at home and suffer emotional and physical abuse from my parents all day.


Its wonderful when we have support from a loved one isnt it ? Im so glad shes helping you out and you are feeling better. Hang in there friend ! You got this. So proud of you


I’m so glad to hear that things are moving in a positive direction! That is so good to hear!
A good family member can be like the clouds parting on a spring morning. It is pleasant, refreshing and a beautiful reminder of the future that is ahead for all of us!
Having someone to listen, who does not judge, and who can be a polar grounding point for you while away from other family can be a great thing. It allows you freedom while still being you and still growing through life! (No matter how old you are!)
I know you already gave a support answer but i wanted to show my support too. good posts need just as much encouragement, love and care too. You are loved!


Oh @bluelotus, this is so heartwarming. I’m so glad you opened up to your sister and that she reacted in such a loving, welcoming way. It’s just so important to be heard and understood, also to have spaces where you can be safe while expressing how you feel.

I hope you’ll enjoy these moments with her and find some relief while being there. As someone who’s been through physical abuse at a young age, I know these “ways out” are just priceless. Enjoy, as much as possible. Take all that is good, healthy, and safe. And please keep reaching out as much as you need. You deserve to be treated in a healthy and respectful way. You deserve to live in a place that would be safe for you.

You are loved dearly. Thank you for sharing these sparks of joy and hope with all of us here. It really means a lot. :hrtlegolove:


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