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Feeling burnt out on life

I feel the same way about my day to day life as when I worked or went to school just incredibly burnt out I’m so anxious all the time to the point to where my back shoulders and neck hurt my arms feel weak and I can’t really squeeze my hands together very tight I feel like I’m burning out on just existing alone


Hello Derpplup :slightly_smiling_face:
Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish depression from burnout. Do you think you are suffering from burnout or depression or maybe both? When it comes to your problems with your neck and arms… relaxation excercises and yoga might help with those. I will send you some videos that might help. Gentle, Relaxing, Cozy Flow | Yoga With Adriene - YouTube
Reduce Stress through Progressive Muscle Relaxation (3 of 3) - YouTube
If you think you issues are more serious than that you might want to visit a chiropractor. They might help you deal with your pains and maybe even find some hidden triggers for them. Here is a video that shows you about what you can expect from a chiropractor visit. Classic Bone Cracking Techniques that Release Ages of Tired and Sore Body Parts - YouTube
I hope you will find at least some of these helpful. I wish you a better new year and a lot of happiness. Bye for now. :wink:


Hey @Derpplup,

I’m sorry that you are feeling burnt out. It is unfortunately not uncommon to go through cycles of rest and burn out when we are almost constantly anxious. It’s like your body and your mind are constantly on their guard, as if an “on” button was pushed without the possibility to find rest. I feel that way, every freaking day, and it is indeed really consuming both emotionally and physically. Rest, when we feel stuck with constant worries and fears, seems like a foreign concept.

As @Ashwell suggested, it might be good to try some very smooth exercises/movements in order to give the message to your body that you are safe right here and right now, and to release the tension in your muscles. To me personally, passive relaxation (one that implies to sit down or lay down) doesn’t help, but on the contrary brings more anxiety. What tends to help though is to stand up, put some very calm music like ambient piano, and do some stretches very very slowly. As slowly as possible, while breathing deeply, as it is for your body to also slow down and for your heart to beat a little less faster. Sometimes, doing some dance moves helps as well. Nothing fancy or elaborated. Only some very soft moves with the intention of trying to be as delicate as possible. It tends to make my body feel lighter and lighter.

Right here, right now, you are safe. There’s no fear or worry that are in your mind that might be happening. Take some deep breaths, look around you, notice the sounds in your environment, the colors on the furniture. Pay attention to what is right now, so you can shift your focus a little bit away from what could be. You got this, friend. :hrtlegolove:


I encourage you to be kind to yourself & go at your own pace. We live in a world that pressures us to “be” a certain way, and we aren’t meant to live that way. I will say ditto to everyone that posted before me.


You are loved.
You are worthy.
You are valid.
You are enough.


I really am proud of you for sharing. Sometimes it’s very hard to do that. It’s understandable to feel burnt out. We all have those emotions from time to time. Life is a difficult journey, but that only makes the really good times really mean something special when they do happen. I hope the healing light shines within you friend and heals all that pain you are going through. If you can, try and think of what makes you happy. Try and immerse yourself in a memory or dream of pure bliss. It will make you vibrate at a higher state… in turn, that will help with your healing! Laughter is the best medicine. If you can find something to help make you laugh, I would advise doing so! It will give you some peace and help you breathe better. In through the nose, out through the mouth! I just seriously hope you know how important you are and how much you do matter! Take care, friend!

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