Feeling burnt out

What’s up everyone,

Haven’t posted on here in a while so sorry if it’s slot to read through!

So since my last post things have got slightly better, I seem to have a better hold on my mental health and now know the signs of when it’s starting to take a dip.
Right now I keep having a consistent sinking feeling in my head and stomach which I at first contributed to doing slot of hours in work which has disrupted me seeing my little boy (who is 1 and a bit now) and doing the things I would normally do to stop…well prevent the oncoming of my anxiety and other issues rising up in me.

I guess what I’m asking is do any of you guys know of a way to combat all of this? How do you function in the day or at least seem to function in work and life and then if needs be crumble at home? I have thankfully planned a trip at the end of September which I am looking forward to but that’s far away and I tend to try and keep my scope a little closer…

A bit of a random read through I know but I guess it’s a vent post as well as a kind of ask for help? Who really knows! But any talk is welcome I hope everyone else is doing better than me at the moment!


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Hey @Brightfuse,

Thank you for reaching out. I’m going through a similar situation as you (via feeling burned out with my job, which is causing a domino effect of a plethora of negative feelings), and I’m kicking around the idea of completely revolutionizing my career path. Everyone is different, but in my situation, I learned that I loathe desk jobs (even if it’s working with content that I enjoy [music]). So, I’m kicking around the idea of leaving the corporate environment for something that’s more thrill-seeking, such as firefighting.

I’m not saying that you should pick everything up and do something else with more flexible hours so you can spend more time with your son, but something needs to change. I hope some of this helps. :slight_smile:


Yeah the hours in doing at the moment are only til end of this week dude but otherwise I’m happy in the job. I think it’s just constantly putting everyone else before myself you know? Burning the wick at both ends so to speak?

I guess it’s just a rough patch maybe but I just feel a bit lost and down about it all I don’t really think I have a reason to right now but yeah …

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Look into articles on Work-Life Balance, I know Forbes did a good one on 6 Tips for it that have helped me. I’m a corporate marketing dude, and a bit of a workhorse so I tend to lose sight of not-work until its falling apart, and then I burn out and implode from stress, so I get it.

Finding that flow for your work life balance takes some work, but when you get it, its super dope. One of the biggest things that helped me was taking stock of your life, and whats important to you, and cutting all of the things that dont directly feed into those important things.

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I get this feeling a lot.

Recently I started my new job and I have been feeling sick with anxiety; my old job was just terrible in regards to my anxiety- it was literally killing me and it sucked.

When we’re at work we have different tasks- it’s hard to have a mound of things you do at work with the anxiety slowly increasing, and then get home and just let that anxiety go. Something I do to help my anxiety when I am becoming overly anxious is I stretch- sounds silly, but it is better than other ways I have coped in the past.

I don’t know how to explain it but the stretching feeling is not painful but- well I think you know how stretching feels- it’s like a release for me. Like letting go of anxiety.

In my classes I will just like stretch my leg out- like my point is you don’t have to do a whole yoga work out, just a little stretch.

I also use the 4,7,8 breathing technique so you breath in for 4 seconds hold for 7 seconds and out for 8 seconds.

This may not be the same case for you but for me my best choice was leaving my old job. It was too fast going and there was no social connections- but my new job is something I could have never even asked for- like it is so much better.

I hope I could be of some aid- hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

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Hey @Lyss,

Yeah as I said above it’s not the job I think it’s just where everything has come to a head and it’s too much.

I think the issue is aswell I lost my anchor and in kind of just trying to keep my head above the waves you know?

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