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Feeling concerned for my friend (TW talks of self harm and possible suicide)

Remember the friend I’ve been talking about that cares about me and sometimes I get intrusive thoughts about? Yea rn I’m super worried about him. I have not been able to get ahold of him in several days, He’s been on twitch regularly still (thank god hopefully that’s a good sign) I just haven’t been able to catch him. He’s been going through a rough time. I’m not going to exploit what he has going on for privacy purposes but I am going to say it’s pretty serious and I’m worried it might lead him to making some bad decisions that could take either his own life or someone else’s. I don’t want him hurt or killed nor do I want him getting himself into trouble. I just don’t want anything bad happening to him and the more I don’t hear from him the more worried I get. I’m worried that it already happened.

It is definitely not like him to not get back with me. He usually does if not right away then the next day or so at the latest. I am going on day 3 of not hearing from him. I just hope he’s okay. What do I do? Do I continue trying to contact him? Or do I let it be and give him time. Idk I’m scared…

I just don’t know what I would do if anything happened to him. He’s such a good guy and my best friend of all friends… He’s got me through so much. I don’t want to lose him.


Hey Andy, when things like this happen it can be really scary. I would suggest to keep contacting him by wither calling him or going over to his place to see if he’s okay (if you can do that).

It could be that he’s depressed and doesn’t want to talk to anyone - but I don’t know the context. That said, I’ve had a very similar experience with something like this with one of my Exs. I ended up reaching out to a hotline and they were able to help me figure the issue out and actually save her life. I would strongly suggest that you do this as that’s what friends do.

Lastly, just know it’s not your fault. It’s really easy to start putting the blame for everything like this on your shoulders. Don’t. Just continue being a good friend and make sure he’s okay. If he is, the worst thing that could happen is that this individual know’s that you care for them.

You got this, Andy. good luck and thank you for posting this.

Hallos! Gosh that is a worrying situation to be in. I’ve been through it myself so I think I can help give some advice on how to save a life if in need. First, it’s you’re duty to report if you know if someone you know is in trouble. First of all, continuously call them until they pick up… If still Radio silent, please call a hotline for more professional advice. If you do know their address it’s a good idea to call the police just to check in with them to give you an update on he/shes status. Sadly I can’t promise always good results but its the best way you can help every second counts I found out the hard way. Please take this advice and go alone with it. Or better if you live in walking distance or local distance from him/her go check up on them you’re self as you do know them better than the police. You are a hero for you’re acts <3 please keep us updated.

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I will be sure to do that thank u for the advice

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UPDATE: I just talked to him he’s ok thank goodness. But I’m still kinda concerned bc he said that he wants to deal with his issues on his own and ik that’s not always a good idea…

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Now you know he’s alive thats amazing. It’s still recommended to call a hotline for advice on how to help him.