Feeling Defeated today

I feel like I come here a lot for support…

Last night, I found a Facebook group for BPD and was kind of excited by it’s description. How you could come and be with other people with BPD who get you and everyone supports everyone etc.

I got approved this morning and within 10 mins, I left the group.

It was just filled with people ranting about their partner’s and some un-replied to posts asking for advice on treatment or asking a valid question. Every single online support group or site for BPD or personality disorders has been like this and I’m just over it. It just proves to people the stigma about how we are evil people when you see that crap.

Then, a little while ago a streamer I watch totally shit on people with trauma, saying in front of almost 11k people in his chat that, “no one wants to put up with your bullshit” I’m really affected by that right now. A lot of people in chat agreed very aggressively with him and I’m not going to lie, I’m fighting off some pretty negative thoughts right now.

I’m just tired.


hey there @Mystrose ,
We hear you , we see you , and we love you . I am sorry this has came to that . Maybe taking a step back from that community for awhile would be a good idea or reach out to them and let them know how you felt … You can beet these negative thoughts . You awesome friend !
Hold Fast ,


Thank you :hrtlegolove:

He’s not worth my time tbh, he’ll bury himself. I mean almost 11 thousand people heard him say it and I’m sure someone will make a deal about it. He also offended probably every Christian and non-drinker in the chat too. All within about a 1/2hr, so yeah.

I just wish I could stop, “no one wants to put up with your bullshit” from echoing in my head.


Hi Lizzy
What a rubbish morning so far! no wonder you are having negative thoughts, it doesn’t set the day off to a good start.
I am sorry your day has started on such a bitter note, that’s not fair at all and puts such a negative light on anyone with bpd or any mental health disorder for that matter.
Thank goodness for people like you, people that come to places like this and tell us all that it is ok to not listen to that, that living with these disorders do not define you and that you are worth so much more, Thank goodness for you.
If only these people knew how wonderful you were and what they had just missed out on in their group.
Get some rest Lizzy, You are so amazing, close your eyes and restart your day.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


You’re so sneaky lol. I hear you, thank you for your kind words.

You are very valued here @Lisalovesfeathers :hrtlegolove:


Got about an hour of sleep. I can’t believe how much one ignorant, insensitive comment can mess me up. I really don’t know where to put all this crap in my head. I’m trying so hard to stop my head… sigh.

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It is frustrating because of the effect it has had on you. One person opening their mouth before engaging their brain and sadly in front of others, he probably hasn’t given it a second thought since.
I hope you can get past it soon and feel better.
Take Care Lizzy xxx

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Sorry that you only got any hour of sleep I hope the rest of your day has been better. One comment is generally all that needs to be said to put me in a spiral/mess me up too. Generally the only way I get out of it just trying to ignore it. Sorry I don’t have better advice. Also that was incredibly insensitive for that streamer to say that

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Hey Lizzy!

That expression shows that the streamer has a very little capacity for empathy (or maybe they are struggling with other things themselves and are not ready to acknowledge or address it, who knows?). We can make a lot of guesses about why he said it, but in the end, we would just be making assumptions. Why he said it does not matter.

What matters is, it’s his opinion, and opinions are just that. Thoughts. They may be right, wrong, based on facts, personal experience, prejudice, based on emotions…

Regardless of what that person says, we all deserve support and people who are willing to be there for us, no matter what kind of “bullshit” we are going through. No one wants to see someone they love suffer, and I doubt they see your struggle as bs.

Sometimes, when I’m at a fragile moment, I tend to take things personally, even when I know in my head that the things aren’t about me. Don’t want to tell you what (not) to do, but, don’t let an insensitive stranger ruin more of your day.


Thank you @Dione :hrtlegolove:

I’m ok now. Last night I checked Twitch Tracker. He had 280k followers the day this happened. The next day he had 274k… so, I think a lot of people were pretty pissed off.

That made me feel better and I just feel sorry for him now.


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