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Feeling different then others because how I look and what I don’t have


I really can’t handle what I feel it’s hurts cause it’s like you love your family member then you want them to die it just hurts especially at school because last year in 8th grade I got bullied and that when I stop communicating with my family and students at school I just feel different from other students I only have 5 outfits that I wear mostly out of my school year and I only have 3 brand shoes :athletic_shoe: but at the same time I don’t have what other students have I just really feel like a outcaster


I am sorry that those people who bullied you feel so badly about themselves that they took it out on you. You don’t need to take their actions personally. Their actions are a reflection of who they are, not you. Be strong, hold fast. Life is not about having 100 outfits or how you look. I grew up less fortunate than those around me and my mother taught me to take what other people say with a grain of salt.


Hey, thanks for sharing.
Bullying is never an okay way to deal with your emotions and I’m sorry that those people were in a place in life where they felt like they needed to bully you in order to make themselves feel better. But your value doesn’t come from the things you have, the amount of outfits you have or how nice your shoes are.
Your value comes from existing. And nobody can take that away from you. You have worth and you matter. Whatever people have done to make you feel otherwise, throw that away; because the other kids at school don’t get to decide your worth. You are loved, and in case nobody has told you lately: I’m proud of you.
Start by choosing one person to communicate with, and then grow that number until you have a circle of people you trust who you can talk to about how you’re doing. And keep posting about your progress hear on the support wall, we want to hear about it.
You matter.

Hang in there friend,



Do you have a family member who you feel safe talking to about this?


I 100% agree with Bean and Jaden. It’s crappy of those people to bully you and I’m sorry to hear you went through that. It really is insecurities of those students being displaced onto you and that isn’t right.
Along with this, try to focus on character qualities you have instead of the amount of clothes or objects you own. True people of character don’t care how many outfits someone has, how many cars or boats or shoes, or how big someone’s house is. It really matters about what’s in your heart and how YOU treat others. It’s not possible to control other people’s actions or thoughts but you can control your own. And, if it gets to be too much then you always have here to come to! We love you for who YOU are.



No I do not because they don’t believe of suicide or any thing that’s really going on they just don’t believe what I’m saying is true and that’s how it’s always been


That’s true but it’s kinda hard for me because my senior brother is popular and everyone knows him and he have so much brand shoes :athletic_shoe: but then me I don’t I just don’t understand why he gets all this stuff but then when it’s me I have none


I’m kinda scared to go to highschool because of this


Suicide is serious and it is real. I have struggled with thoughts of suicide throughout my life. I taught myself about mental health and suicide and that has helped me learned how to make myself strong. Thoughts are simply thoughts. You have the power to choose how you react to them.

When I was in highschool, I didn’t have a lot. I decided to get a job as soon as I could so I could have money for myself. I never had lots of stuff but I made sure to buy myself nice shoes. My favourite shoes are DC skate shoes. I still buy myself those shoes now, 15 years later :purple_heart:. Holdfast and love yourself. You deserve it.