Feeling down about my life again

was talking with an old friend, and now I’m feeling down about myself and my life.


Sometime friend can bring you down at times. What where you two taking about don’t mind me asking.

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he was asking if I had gotten my license yet then I started thinking about all things he has that I wish that I had.

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I wouldn’t worry about that everyone has different plans

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Comparing your journey to others can be a real trap to your mind, @lonelyfreak. You’re definitely not alone though - we’ve certainly all done that at least once in our life. We’re generally even more prone to do it when we are not satisfied with our life circumstances at the moment. It becomes more tempting and easier to see if the grass is greener outside.

Unfortunately, we often compare our path to others for wrong reasons. It is understandable to not be satisfied from time to time with how our life is, but it’s important to ask ourselves if it’s relevant to compare ourselves, and even more if it serves you in any way. Ultimately, each individual holds a unique story and there isn’t one unique way to live. Your timeline is yours, and the only person you can really compare yourself with is your past self. How much you have grown from a certain time of your life until now. What you would like to keep changing and how.

This journey is yours, friend. Make sure to not let your mind acknowledge only what frustrates you, but also the real growth that you are experiencing - no matter how small.

What are the things in your life that you would like to work on/change in the future? Can you identify some areas already? From there, you can take some time to determine some practical steps to take too. Feeling down about your life is a first feeling, but not a destination. It is a stepping stone that holds the potential for you to create the changes you would like to make happen. :hrtlegolove:

yeah true I honestly was already feeling down because on Thursday my dog that I’ve had since 2012 died, so I was already in a bad state, and I just let my negative feelings take over.

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Oh I’m so sorry for your loss. 10 years is really huge. No doubt you were feeling down already with this loss in your life.

It’s true that when we are in such a bad place emotionally, any obstacle, frustration, thought can become pretty negative and make us drown more easily. A very positive thing though is that you are aware of it, and you seem to have a very great understanding of yourself, how you feel and react in these circumstances. It’s a real strength to be able not only to feel, but to observe yourself a little from the outside too.

Allow yourself to feel whatever needs to be felt. Just make sure to stay safe and not to draw conclusions too quickly. As you’ve said so rightly, this might be a time prone to see life in dark. Your perception of reality could be altered, even though your feelings are absolutely valid too. :hrtlegolove:

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