Feeling empty and alone

Here lately I’ve been feeling so empty, I just feel I have nothing in my life, and I can’t help but wonder what the point of me being here is .


I’m sorry that you’re feeling so down. Even when no one is physically present, you’re not alone. You are always welcome to share your thoughts and feelings here. In this place, you are among people who care about you.

The point does not walk up to you and tap you on your shoulder and say “here I am.” In reality, there is more than one point. My feeling is that there is one point that is the origin of all the other points. That is our purpose for being here, in fact ultimately the purpose for everything, is to share love. There’s a zillion ways of doing that, from creative expression to healing, nurturing others, hell, even cleaning toilets. Anything done with integrity is a means to share love and self-expression. A lot of people fail to understand that and as a consequence, deprive themselves of a feeling of fulfillment.

You are anything but empty. You are full of potential. Your heart is full of willingness to give love. When you find the key to unlock it, you will find yourself full of passion. You will always be alone, but while you are, it’s a good time for introspection and exploring possibilities.

Other lonely people could benefit from your nurturing presence. Some people love you, others you haven’t met will also. Take care of yourself and feel loved, because you are.


Thanks it really means a lot

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Hi my friend,
thank you for sharing and i am so sorry to hear that.
what have you been up to lately ? recent things that happened to you ?
to feel empty and numb, comes along with many things. you can share here, if you like, you can come back to
us anytime you want. we are here, for you !
if you not reach out, no one knows what wheight you carry. what burdens are on your back. if you tell the
people that you trust, your struggles, they will be there for you. they will support you.
we also care about you. you are human. that is something that most of the people struggle with.
you are not alone in this, be sure. give yourself some well needed self care, do things you love.
enjoy your time and keep your head up. you are worth it.
you are loved and you matter. to your family and friends and to us. feel hugged my friend. :purple_heart:

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Hey @lonelyfreak,
Thank you for posting, I completely agree with everything @Wings has said, the point of you being here is you. You have so much to give, you are an amazing human full of knowledge and of love and of the power to be able to use it, You can hold your hand out to people and let them know that they too are loved, There are many ways to do that. It not only helps them but it gives you a warmth, a feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge that you have helped someone else know thier worth. You could even do it here at heartsupport if you wanted. @lonelyfreak
You are never alone here!. Much Love Lisa.x

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I know this feeling all too well. It took a while but I found that the thing about life is no one knows why any of us are here. But, you are here. Remember, You have people in your life that love you. You love them. For me, that’s enough to drag me out of the empty feeling. If that isn’t enough for you, try finding things that you love doing! A new hobby, or volunteering somewhere for example. We don’t know why we are here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find something to help us be happy and full!

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