Feeling empty

How is it possible to feel completely empty while sobbing so hard?


I’m sorry you have feel that way. What help me when I feel stress or sad is listen to guy name Alan Watts. You can look up his lecture on YouTube. He a philosopher that study Hindu and Buddhism. He smooth words can bring understand of life. Please stay strong.


The word you might be looking for is bereft. One who is empty, has no emotion. You are experiencing pain, and perhaps loss, which may feel like emptiness, but at depth, you are a sensitive soul who has invested much of yourself into someone or something, and it has led to painful disappointment. Hopelessness or despair feels like emptiness, but more accurately, it is some form of fulfillment that’s missing.

I wish I could take away your pain. As you feel empathy for others, feel compassion for yourself. The tears are a form of therapy. Let them help you survive. You are doing the right thing in allowing yourself to feel the sadness. You are going through a process, which will eventually finish.

Get plenty of rest, and take care of your body.

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