Feeling foggy

Feeling foggy, lost, blank brain, feel like nothing is registering, numb, not interested in things to do. I hear you but not hearing, lost of train of thought at times but i force it to move forward.

Has anyone felt like this?


Lots of times! It sounds like the kind of depression that comes from wanting to be somewhere else, or do something else. Are you eating okay, and getting enough rest?

Has this feeling happened to you before? Sometimes it helps to increase physical activity. Very your daily routine a bit, that may help you become more engaged.

I’m glad you’re here, and appreciate the support you have given others here.

Keep in touch, Wings


Feel that way too sometimes. I would just want to lay in bed and do nothing all day.

I’ve found getting outside and walking before bed helps me out and clears my mind. As dumb as it sounds too make sure you hydrate, it does help.

I’m glad you’re here, we’re here for you



Hi Daisy,
thank you for posting and reaching out.
I can relate to that feeling, it happens often and needs a lot of energy, motivation to overcome.
I start with walking in nature a bit, being outside helps a lot, feel the fresh air and breathe slowly, concentrate
on it.
Often a walk helps a lot and make me feel much better. Or drink a coffee outside, just relaxing a bit.
Have a nice day, and feel hugged


I love food @Wings i move around prwtty quickly not much as doimg exercises in the gym, beinv a mom and doing daily activities as eell male me drain at the ens of the day.

I try my best to be active and yes to answer your question this started to happen when i lost my grandma and a dear close friend of mine that i adore dearly he has pass on about 5yrs now, having to loose someome u love has change me mentally it all became a fog not wanting to connect with the world as well.


Thank you @erk sound good to me walking at night before bed and hydrate.

Yes, my depression can be overwhelmed just wanting to be in bed not deal with the world while my mind is pasing like crazy due to batrayal, Trauma lies and cheat. We have no control what happens but how we control the situation.



Thank you @Aardvark yes i do walk everyday to do my run w my kids now that school in session, im in school as well to distract myself from over thinkinv through things, i do take my coffee i wish i can breathe fresh Air not here in NY TOO MANY TOXINS IN THE AIR and a nice scenery to view hard to find peace without disturbances.

Thank you for the feedback

Bless and hugs


maybe a plant would be something for you. i have some in my flat here, to see them grow helps me
also and it cleans the air around you.
finding peace in a big city is hard, but if you keep yourself calm, focusing on your breath and concentrate
on it for a few seconds can give you a little safe place for a moment and this can help a lot.
Everytime, we are here, we care for you.


Thank you for the encouragement.

That sound great.

For sure having a peace place in the city can be hard.


Losing someone important really does change a person forever. A new reality must be accepted. Could it be that the fogginess is due to an unwillingness to accept how life has changed for you? In other words, the fogginess may be providing a muted reaction to a stark reality. If that’s the case, be patient with yourself. If it’s possible, when sensation starts to occur, take a break. Mind clearing and relaxation techniques can help you understand what it is about the loss that your mind is still resisting. Your connection to the world has changed. You can’t connect in the same way that you used to. The connection you now have is different, and includes a far greater degree of empathy, born of loss. Your scarred heart can be both more open and stronger.

Remind yourself to be mindful of the present moment. Dwelling on the past or the future can be overwhelming, and for many people, the stress response leads to a feeling of fogginess and shutting down.

I am old, and have lost a lot of people, parents, grandparents, close friends, and most recently, a grandson. I can’t think of those losses without sadness, but because of the value they added to my life, I wish to express my gratitude by making the best of today. I don’t always succeed, but it does give me focus and meaning to my life.

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Many many times. In addition to others’ suggestions, sometimes the best thing to do when feeling numb and lacking interest is to make an effort to keep doing (or start doing) the things you typically would enjoy. Eventually the routine will feel natural and take less effort. For me, even after other depressive causes or symptoms are addressed, it takes massive amounts of energy to do the enjoyable things and it seems not worthwhile since I’m not getting the enjoyment. But then eventually going through the motions jumpstarts my mind into feeling the good feelings again. It’s something to do with behaviors influencing thoughts that influence feelings. Probably some CBT model. All I know is it seems counterintuitive but every time I’m surprised that it works.

Also, maybe some in-the-moment mindfulness and digging in to find purpose/meaning in what you do?