Feeling good :))

Hello friends,
Welcome to another one of my journals. Today’s rant is the topic of being a cow. Now you may have many questions. Understandably so. So let’s answer some. How do I type? It takes skill to say the least, these shiny hooves of mine are hard to maneuver. And the fact that they’re so big doesn’t help. Jk but in all seriousness I feel good. Today wasn’t the best at first. I was irritable, impatient, and down right rude. I had a shift in my attitude thankfully and I’ve been feeling much better since. That’s all I wanted to say. Bless you all and I hope you have an awesome day wherever you may be. :)))

From yours truly,

P.S. I’ll be taking cow questions so ask away


I don’t know you, but you are one of the most wonderful person I have ever had contact with. You sure can put a smile on people’s face. I’m so glad you feel good :orange_heart:
Keep being the fabulous you!!!

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Why thank you!! I moo to you kind hooman. Mooooo. Fun fact: Did you know that sometimes cows moo to show contentment? The more you know :))


Love it! And they also love music :orange_heart:


Heck yeah they do :)))))))

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