Feeling guilty and want to feel better

Hey, hello, how are you.
So for those who don’t know I had a fur baby pass away the 12th of June and I was hurt, and emotional cause he started to pass away when he was in my arms at the vets office then he passed away on the x-ray table. he was 7 which is 56 or 57 human years. and that day I ended up going to find a new rabbit who I currently have now named Oreo . the next day he was officially mine and all that week I felt guilty because I didn’t choose this white lop eared bunny with red eyes …. he was cute …… someone told me they weren’t cute cause of the eyes and it hurt me really bad so fast forward to today I had to run back to the same store to get more bedding and a brush to maintain Oreo midnights fur. when I went to go look at the rabbits the rabbit was still their from last week …. I wish I was able to get a second rabbit but that one is still a baby. I feel powerless and I feel guilty because no one wants that rabbit to my knowledge… why do I feel this way over an animal? because I’m human? because I love animals? I don’t know what to do . I don’t want to “feel” this … I just wish I could get over the fact that he will find a home in the matter of time. what should I do to make myself feel like I made the right choice. I am just feeling guilty and hurt and feel like something bad will happen to the rabbit I didn’t choose.
im sorry if this is all over the place but I needed to get this out to feel better besides having Oreo on my lap.


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I love your heart for animals. I can tell how much you love your fur babies (and even the ones who aren’t yours). I think it’s normal to feel a little hurt or even guilt when you can’t save them all. Your heart is in the right place but don’t feel too guilty because you can’t rescue that other bunny. Your current baby needs you, and you rescued that one. You made a difference for Oreo and that matters. We can’t do everything but we can do something and you’re doing that. You’re being a mom to this little fur baby and that’s awesome. Just because you didn’t take the white bunny doesn’t mean you’re bad.

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Hey all_around_ashley,

I love that you care so much about animals. Seriously it’s awesome.
I feel you on feeling guilty when you can’t take in all of the animals you see. It almost feels like you’re letting them down ya know?
But hey, take care of Oreo and know that there are other people who love animals like you that will get the others.

Knowing your limits with animals is good, and it seems like you know yours. Sometimes if we let our love for them outweigh our ability to take care of them, we can end up neglecting them in the process.

You’re doing great and I’m proud of you!

Hold Fast,

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Ashley, I love your heart for animals. Straight out of high school, I attended Colorado State University, studying “Animal Science” to someday become a small animal veterinarian (life had other plans for me). I know how you feel - I love animals too! Don’t beat yourself up over your love for animals - As humans, it’s our job to take care of them, and it sounds like you’re doing a great job at it! Keep rocking on!

Hey bud, it’s normal to feel bad for other animals, but I’m sure that one will find a home. And realize you did the right thing because the other one is younger and has longer to find a home where as though Oreo may not. Think if it as helping Oreo out and try to remind yourself that the other one will find a home.

Hey how are doing ? This was while ago just seen this post and wanted to check

i havent been my best i am doing well thanks for checking in

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Aw I see :confused:
Well I’m new here not sure if there’s a way to message people ? If you ever need anything I’m here !