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Feeling hated and worthless

Back in Feb of this year I was accused of sexual assault that allegedly took place 3-years ago. I work in law enforcement and was placed on admin leave while being investigated. I paid $25,000 for an attorney, passed a polygraph and there was proof my accuser lied. The case was dropped, but not after my life was completely turned upside down in both my private world as well as the public scrutiny. I am back at work, but some people treat me different and are quite stand offish with me. I was once a very well liked officer in the town I grew up in and now feel hated and convicted in the public eye. I am humiliated, embarrassed and feel absolutely like a shameful worthless man. I didn’t do this to this person and never would to a human being, but I can’t seem to get past the feeling of ending my life. I am a veteran and have been serving my community for 25-years with pride. I just can’t handle this anymore.


People are assholes, and once they think something, it usually takes a while for their minds to change. Keep being good, and this will probably turn around for you, I promise.
I hope this post helped you,

Hi, friend.

I am SO sorry that you were falsely accused of something so awful. I can only imagine the toll it takes on you and your surroundings. It’s so unfair.
I know there are a lot of people out there who in their anger will spread lies and accuse people of extreme serious things out of spite and hate. And I’m sorry that you felt a victim to this.

Is it possible to talk to a therapist about this? To your co-workers? A boss? I’m not sure how they’d be able to help you. I know this world is full of people who are hard to change once they set their mind to something. It’s very sad.

I’m sorry for everything you have been put through. I can only hope that this person reaps what they see and learns that it is wrong to lie and falsely accuse people. That it is not okay to play with.

I hope things smooth out for you my friend. You deserve so much better than that. Maybe talking to a therapist could be beneficial to you as you work through the aftermath of this. :frowning:

Hold fast. Someone cares for you. :heart:

  • Kitty