Feeling in adequate

I just feel so in adequate these days as a mother, as a sister, and as a wife. On a completely side note , I feel like my husband doesn’t love me anymore, which is strange and unusual, and probably all me


Hi MoonFrolic,
thank you for sharing, welcome to Heart Support.
are there signs that make you feel that way ? have things changed in your life ?
have you tried to talk about that feeling with your family ? that might be the best way to start with. it is difficult when
your head starts to cycle around these thoughts and worries, to get back feeling valid, or feeling loved.
but in a relationship, in a family, you should talk openly about those things also, that your partner can understand you maybe. and to work on that, if something has changed.
but that also ready like, you care about them, when you are questioning yourself, or start to feel that way.
you are loved my friend. you matter most ! :purple_heart:

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From: ManekiNeko

welcome to heart support! Gosh I’m so sorry that this is weighing on you. I want you to know that your feelings are valid. We tell ourselves it’s “all in our head” or “just our own problems”, but maybe things have led up to feel that way. Whether it’s a shift in a relationship or something that someone says, we feel the way we feel for a reason. What does your communication look like? Are these things you feel comfortable talking to your husband about? Sending you a ton of love. You are enough and you are loved x

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Hi Friend.
Welcome to HeartSupport. I’m so glad that you posted here. I feel like it’s easy sometimes to get in the pattern of feeling like you’re inadequate. I hope that you will explore why you may be feeling that way. It might be worth a try to think back through what’s been going on recently and try to uncover why you may be feeling like this. I really hope you will try to not blame yourself for feeling the way you do. Your feelings are there for a reason and your feelings and concerns are valid. Have you had a conversation with your sister or husband about what you’re feeling? Perhaps they could provide you with some reassurance and comfort if you were to share your feelings.
I hope that you’ll keep interacting with the community here. This is a great place full of people who are ready to support you.

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, Welcome to Heartsupport its lovely to meet you. I am so sorry you are having these feelings, is there any particular reason that could have brought those thoughts on? I hate to mention the old hormone problems but I know that they have a huge effect on how I feel about myself a lot at different times (just a thought) Of course it could be that you, like so many you are having bad thoughts and the good thing about those is they are just thoughts and not reality so you dont have to believe them or even take any notice. I get the feeling you are probably very good at everything you do. We are all here to help and support you. Much Love Lisa.x

Welcome to HeartSupport @MoonFrolic, we’re glad you are here. I hope you find this is a safe place to talk about what is bothering you. It’s so hard when we start to question our self worth in all the different areas of our life. Has anything happened that is causing you to question yourself this way? It can be hard to see things realistically when we get to focusing only on what we see as our shortcomings. We tend to sell ourselves short. Feelings are just that feelings, and they don’t always have a basis in fact. Deciding to question the validity of our feelings and how they stand up to what is really happening in life can be the start of changing what you feel is going on. Know this though, you are more than enough and you have great worth. If this is feeling too much, perhaps talking with a counselor would help. Just know that you matter.

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