Feeling kind of homesick

… and it’s making me want to injure.

What exactly is making you homesick? Missing family or friends? If that’s what it is i suggest just trying to contact them. When I lived further from family I would just video call them. Altho for me, I was more doing it for their sake. Stay strong, there’s more than one way through any situation.

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Thanks for responding. It’s not so much missing people. It’s more about missing certain places and the environment. But I’m NOT homesick to move back. I don’t get the urge to move back, because I love where I live now. But sometimes I get a longing for a particular place or feeling, that I just want to go back for a few hours.
It’s a silly thing to want,… and maybe I’m just being a big baby about it

It’s not silly. We like familiarity, the comfort of old feelings, like your favorite sweatshirt. I quit smoking 10 years ago, but there are days I could write a whole page of prose about every sensory aspect of having a cigarette. I’m happily married to an amazing, positive, caring woman, but there are times I ruminate on my toxic ex, in that mint green dress I loved so much. Are either of those things good? No. But the longing for the familiarity and comfort is still there. I think it’s human. As for coping, I’ve got nothing. But you’re not being a baby about it.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. You’re right about the feeling of “favorite sweatshirt” that’s EXACTLY what it feels like. As if I’ve left my favorite sweatshirt behind, and im struggling to deal.

Completely understand. No need to feel bad about that. When I moved away a felt bad at times because i missed my hang out spots and where I’d go with friends. I still do a little, even tho I’m closer now. Those feelings can really suck sometimes

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