Feeling like a loser

I thought my life was going to take a big turn for the better after i graduated high school. I was so very wrong for thinking that. I had all these thoughts that i would have all the time in the world to hang out with my friends now that i don’t have school. I had a girlfriend at the time aswell but if any of you have seen my other posts on here you know what happened with that. Shortly after graduation one of my older friends had moved across the country to live with his girlfriend and my other 2 friends spend so much time with their girlfriends that i never really get to hang out with them. My girlfriend at the time had left to navy bootcamp and eventually broke up with me so that wasn’t an option either. I am working on joining the coast guard but MEPS is taking forever to get back to my recruiter after i spent months gathering all the paperwork they required of me. And now while i’m waiting for that phone call i just find myself sitting alone at my house either playing video games or listening to music. I don’t really have any other friends to talk to. Im just hoping that my life will get better at some point after i join the military. I hope i meet new friends and finally feel like i have a purpose. Every day feels the same. I have a hard time sleeping with all the thoughts swimming in my head so I stay up late and wake up past noon most days which i hate. I’m tired of waking up and wishing i didn’t. I’m never excited for a new day I’m always thinking about how much better things were for me in the past. I’m tired of feeling so alone. I’ve tried getting back in the habit of running because i need to prepare for boot camp but it’s such a pain to stay motivated.


I’m sorry your life feels like such drudgery right now, but it sounds like it will soon change. You are going through a period of transition, as are your friends. It is pretty typical for friends to head off in different directions after graduation. I really think you will make even better friends in the military. I do like the idea of running. Not only will it prepare you for boot camp, but it usually helps with mental clarity and reduced depression.

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Well i actually have some good news today. I got my date for MEPS. I go on monday and i am both nervous and excited. I also wanted to say thank you for responding to me and a bunch of others on here. We appreciate you :grin:

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