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Feeling like i need to give up

Ok,…first of all!! Feel free to use punctuation K? Lol I like to know where the sentence ends and the next begins and even if you JUST included periods…I’d be cool with that!!! lol
So, you’re referring to calling the therapist/social worker ‘all the time’ right? (Sorry,…I need details for things to be a little clearer for me, that’s just how my brain works. Hope that’s not annoying for you).
If so,…usually therapy would be only 1x a week for an hour, on average. And, hey! If you feel that you’re just not at that place in your life where you want to do therapy for whatever reason, that’s ok. I don’t mean to impose anything on you. And by bringing up therapy or anything else, please know it comes from a good and honest place in my heart. My intention is good towards you and sincere. I understand that it might be difficult for you to believe or trust that because we don’t know each other and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you told me so. Also wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you rejected my suggestions for what ever reason. Just know that if you don’t share that with me (as far as maybe simply not wanting to do therapy),…I can’t know that,right? Which means I could bring it up again and again (whether it’s about therapy or anything else) which could end up being annoying. I think it’s important to be able to be honest about the things you feel whether it’s with a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a friend, parent etc. And tbh…I like feeling that when I talk with someone, that I can be open with them just because I need that in my life right now, I need to feel close to people. Once we get to talk on Discord I’ll share more openly with you about more personal things,if you want me to.
As far as Discord, I’ve only ‘followed’ others by clicking on their invitation link. I’ve seen stuff that says something like ‘you don’t have a server to be able to follow this person’… or something like that but I don’t know what that means? I don’t have a server…and if I do, it’s news to me!! Lol. I’m not very computer savvy AT ALL. Do I need this server thing mabob so we can chat? Or is it like what I mentioned above where you can send me a link,so I can just ‘follow’ you on Discord?
And BTW, I’m an animal lover, especially dogs. I also like cats, have had 3 cats and 2 dogs over the years. I have chipmunks that I train every summer (when they come out of hibernation), to come to my window sille to get nuts, sunflower seeds and fruits. :chipmunk: I really enjoy seeing them, it literally brings a smile to my face. I love horse’s too and sooooo many more.
And another suggestion… if you’re drawn to the idea of doing volunteer work but can’t due to your job, there might be a shelter that needs foster homes for the animals. Sometimes it may be for a cat that’s too scared at the shelter, or a pregnant cat that could use a quiet temporary home until the kittens are born or some thing for dogs (if you like dog’s of course). The benefit with dog’s is having to take them out! Which again…could be motivation for going outside and also,…you get a cuddle buddy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But again…if you’re just not into any of that that’s fine, you’re allowed!!! lol

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Great advice!
Can you please teach me how to reply to specific parts of conversation the way you are doing here?

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I’m sorry about the punctuation I never was good with those.
And I am just saying in general for the calling part.
And I keep forgetting that it’s only once a week and thanks for not imposing me on anything I sometimes feel like people are judging me because of what I am.
Thanks for having good intentions of me.
And I won’t reject your suggestions you are helping me so idk why I should not reject em.
I don’t get annoyed that easily to be honest.
For the discord but if we are friends which if you are on mobile you slide to the left and press the person that is waving on the bottom area then look at the top right corner with the plus symbol and then type this out boogie#5623 then press add friend if that is too much then you can tell me your name and tag but if you are on the computer you go to the start page and I forgot the rest.
And there is a dog and she don’t like other animals so I can’t have a cat because she well get mad and hurt it.
I wish I had a cuddle buddy but sadly I don’t.

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You highlight the text that you want to and then press quote I think that is how they are doing that

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Boogie has it right. Highlight text, then the “quote” button appears above the text.

It’s 1:45 a.m…I 'm off to bed, if you don’t mind I’ll reply to your last message tomorrow or Sunday cus my mom is coming to spend the night tomorrow.
I’m glad that you feel OK talking and sharing with me. :slightly_smiling_face:
I might try the Discord thingy, tomorrow, ok.?
Hope you have a good night. :slightly_smiling_face:
Good night.

Ok, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: Good night.

P.S. I have a laptop and tablet for the Discord thingy.

No problem and kk hope you spend have a nice day with your mom

Hey! Wondering how things are today? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s going ok I woke up like an hour ago

Did you sleep good?
The little chipmunk I feed woke me up at 7:00 a.m., she chirps to let me know she’s here and that she wants food. Then of course there’s a pupthat wants out …almost like having kids!!! Lol

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Lol, not really I only got about 3-4 hours of sleep

So,…you have a super busy day today, right? Jk. Lol
Do you listen to music, if so what kind?

I didn’t sleep to good either, I wake up alot. Meh,…sleeps for the weak!!! Lol :nerd_face::wink:

I listen to a lot of rock and metal but I listen to a lot of other types like ska or reggae punk electronic music and other types of genre but my main is rock and metal

Lol yeah I don’t like to sleep

Omg,…I loooove sleeping, cus my brain turns off. That’s the only time I don’t have 21649806531 ideas going on at once…or at least it feels like that many.
So then you must know/listen to slipknot, Stone sour, Corey Taylor? I’ve basically just discovered them/him. I love his voice. I’m not really into slipknot (originally thought the name was slip THE knot lol. face palm lol) I really like the songs he writes, he’s really deep.
I like all type of music too, not Ska, electric, death metal and other stuff like that because the intensity of it makes me aggressive fast!

Oh that is ok I am really into disturbed I do like Slipknot don’t know about the others but I like Korn and avenged sevenfold skillet and others

I like Avenged 7x too.
If you go on Yt (if you want to and when you’re into a listening to music mood, when/you’re in the mood to listen to something more mellow check out Corey Taylor- Live in London. It’s an acoustic set, he does his own stuff and covers, almost 2 hours. Check out his song ’ Snuff’, personally I prefer his acoustic version, deep deep deep!

P.S. Corey Taylor is the singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour.