Feeling like you re going through struggles alone

That’s exactly how it feels especially dealing with deep depression with suicidal thoughts I don’t really speak out much on this but this song is amazing and when I was or when I still have my moments this song was/is always relatable to how I felt/feel I use to listen to the demons that surrounded me and that felt inside me and I thank God for not just this song but all of their other songs too bc at a point in my life I felt like I had no one to turn to I had no way out and I even felt like I didn’t know how to express this until I started listening to their songs especially this song and Save me…. I love you guys keep doing what you’re doing and I can’t wait to see you in Springfield, MO :heart::metal:@skilletmusic

I absolutely love this post…! Amazing words.!

I have my own personal battles with anxiety. For years I was battling this alone and almost lost everything along the way.

Hearing Monster on Kerrang, I eventually look for the help I needed and opened up to the world about my battles with anxiety.

This also the moment I became a fan of Skillet. John basically I like to say Thank You to You and the Band for Monster. :metal:

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I split up with my gf months ago but it’s now hurting so much. I feel no happiness In anything that I do and it’s just really tough at the moment

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I try, as nice as my dad is he says you’ll be fine :joy:

Love it.=================


Amen brotha amen=========

I can not begin to say thank you enough for this message of hope!!! I struggle with PTSD and type 2 bipolar disorder and it can have me feeling like I am less than nothing. By God’s grace I’m in therapy and getting treatment. I’m also in recovery for drug addiction, I will have 11 years clean in August. Thank you for being a voice of hope and reason in a dark and unreasonable world!! God bless

Not Monster related, but when I walked into the gym yesterday, y’all were blasting on the playlist. I immediately knew it was gonna be a good day!

Aaaaah eu sou fã pra caralho de vocês tá maluco :heart::heart::fire:

Met you 14 years ago with Shinedown!


This song really spoke to me when I was struggling with an eating disorder for this reason!

The fight has just began

Love from India :india:

The fight has just began=

I am one of those that relate and music is one of my coping mechanisms for my anxiety and depression and mental state and your song perfectly describes my day to day life dealing with it so thank you for sharing and keep up the great work

That is so beautiful :sob:===

My dad died 24 years ago by suicide. It still feels like it wasn’t that long ago. I struggle with anxiety and self worth. Music really helps me deal with things more than talking to people.

I love monster===========