Feeling Lonely 178

Alone and lonely are different. I am alone most of the time now. Lonely not recently but in the summer it is easier to find ways to engage with like minded people. I do get sad that I don’t have a life long companion but will not engage in any more toxic relationships to have that companion.

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Hey, My Friend.
I Feel Ya.
That’s Pretty Deep.


Life Will Provide You With A Companion That Will Bring You Balance.
And Balance To Their Own Life As Well.
Because They Will Value The Same Things That You Do.
Like Attracts Like.
So If You Want A Person Who Values The Same Things As You Do, I Would Say…Embody Those Values With Your Best Efforts.
Every Second Of Every Day.
And It Might Just Increase Your Chances Of Finding Them.
And Them Finding You.



Hope You Can Find Some Comfort In That.

Peace Be With You Always My Friend.

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