Feeling lonely and not understood

I just want to let out sometimes. I feel lonely sometimes because I’m always studying and can’t really find anyone to talk with and they finding it interesting. I feel like no one understands me really. I feel lost sometimes being alone and just always trying to be more conscious and aware of everything around me. Life is really good but as it comes with ups and downs. I don’t do drugs, never smokes, never did alcohol, and always try to be around good people and not be influenced by the negative things in life but sometimes get’s the best of me. I just want to talk about my feeling and if someone is reading this and feel the same as me, I just want to know.


I feel you. I also study a lot and used to study more but I found people online as I got to know myself more and I found out that I like writing so I found people that also like writing. Even though we don’t talk much, it still feels good when we do. So what I suggest you to do is find out what you’re good at: writing, reading books, drawing, games or anything else and you will find people with the same hobbies as yours.

I wish you luck and looking forward to hearing how it’s going, if you found out what you’re good at. Stay safe and healthy. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your advice, I will definitely consider it and apply it to my life. After reading what I wrote I found out that there were many mistakes as it was really late at night for me and I was tired but thank you again for understanding. I’m doing better now and happier. I hope you have a good day! stay safe.

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Yeah, I have felt that way many times in my life. Sometimes I just had to put up with it. In those days, there was no Internet, so the isolation was actually more complete. Watching Stars has provided some good advice. It’s absolutely wonderful that you have coped without the use of alcohol or drugs. There are a lot of people here in this forum who can very much relate to your loneliness. And perhaps you can relieve each other’s loneliness.

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It is the same with me a lot.

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