Feeling lonely at Uni

Started Uni on Monday and I still have no friends. I have a lot of anxiety too and been feeling really depressed. I just feel like nobody will like me and that prevents me from trying to make friends.

hey @Voxmyth I understand the loneliness. Being in a new place with no friends I just moved to a new city and it is taking time for me to find a good group of people that i can call my own. It takes time and patience be honest and opened. You have to be willing to open up even if you are scared. What the worse that can happen? nothing really. I think the honesty you have on here is a great treat and will help you make friends in no time. You are loved! You are in my prayers and never alone.

-Morgan Vincent Hochstetler


Hey @Voxmyth, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve traveled for the military a lot and here shortly will be permanently moving states away from where all my friends and family are. It can be extremely nerve wrecking to feel isolated and to not know anyone, especially if you’re a shy person like myself. What helped me a lot was finding a hobby that helped me be around and connect with people. Something that allowed me to socialize but also helped distract me from being nervous. I was able to focus on the hobby, hang back, and when I felt comfortable start socializing. Also, as your school year continues you’ll start to get to know class mates. Don’t get discouraged! You got this!