Feeling lost and afraid

I’m in high school but am going into my senior year still unsure of my future and the anxiety and fear this brings me is unbelievable…I have an idea but the fear of never getting there and never being enough haunts me on a day to day basis…I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts and I am just unsure of what to do regarding this worry and fear I keep going through.


Welcome to Heart Support! I suspect that even those students that are acting really confident, are dealing with anxiety and insecurity. Heading into an uncertain future is scary. Anyone who isn’t nervous about it, is simply refusing to think about it.

I think it helps a bit to have something of a plan, but only if you remain aware that you need not hesitate to change your mind about it if you encounter better or more viable options.

You will “get there.” I can tell by your writing here, that you have the capacity to make it through. Don’t worry about “never being enough.” You are already more than enough.

If you try “fighting” your anxiety producing thoughts, they’re likely to become increasingly overwhelming. It’s just a weird thing about the human brain; the more you fight a negative pattern, the more it fights back.

I think the best approach is to “turn away” from anxiety producing thoughts, although it may seem like a difficult thing to do. There are relaxation techniques, various forms of meditation, finding some pleasurable activity that takes your mind off things, and what really helped me was exercise. Aerobic exercise triggers the release of endorphins, which according to quite a few experts, function about as well, and sometimes better than anti anxiety or depression meds. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time in the woods, or taking long walks. It wasn’t aerobic, but it was still very helpful.

You are far from alone. There may be others around you who will admit to dealing with the same kind of issues, and you can help each other work through it.

It helps to consider the present time, and ask yourself, “is there anything that I really have to worry about in the next hour?” Or you can tell yourself, “from now until 6pm, I will absolutely not worry about…” That’s how I coped with a lot. I’d just ask myself if I could make it through the next hour, or the next day. It’s easier to cope with life if you manage it a little at a time.


Hey @Dzap03

The HeartSupport Houston Team responded to your post here. Hold fast friend, and lean on our community.


Sorry about all this, I can imagine how uncertainty and not knowing what comes next can be overwhelming and even debilitating. One thing I can say that has worked for me and may for you as well: its too take a step back. I don’t mean to say to avoid it entirely but sometimes taking one thing per day and dealing with it is the way to go. Life is overwhelming, and sometimes seeing it from the bigger picture helps. Maybe right down all your fears and separate them, then each day try to find a solution to them. If it doesn’t work out on that day, no problem. Give yourself time. But seeing them, and dealing them separately might give you a little more feeling of control over them and eventually lead to you having the control over your own fear of them.
Hope this helps! Take care of yourself okay?

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