Feeling "Magenta" for no reason and it's really angering me

magenta - a scene from Golden Girls. When Blanche is feeling all kinds of ways, she had always described the feeling as magenta.
“It’s like… I’m sad, blue, but not just that. I know I’m mad, but not too red. Not green with envy, necessarily. And - and I’m scared too, but I’m not yella. I’m - magenta. I hate this feeling. And I hate magenta.”

probably pms. I have both pre- and post- menstrual syndrome. I’m feeling so so tired, like I’m going to cry, everything irritates me, I can’t stay on task, and there I go, I;m crying. I’m in class right now, but we have to work on something called our personal learning presentations. we did this last year, but we’re given the whole day to work on them.

Iwoke up feeling really bad this morning. sore throat, headache, aching limbs, and now I hate everything. help?

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Hey there. First of all I wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the Golden Girls is one of my favorite shows, so I loved the quote.

As for feeling magenta, I totally get it. It’s so deeply unsettling when you feel like you’re being pulled in every direction emotionally but you have no idea why.

The only thing I can suggest that sometimes helps me is to try not to delve into WHY I’m feeling this way, just try and realize that I AM feeling this way and try to be extra kind to myself.

By that I mean - just give yourself a slight break if you can. Unfortunately life goes on and so do responsibilities, but just try to show yourself kindness. Speak to yourself and speak about yourself like you’d talk to a best friend. Try and give yourself extra time to chill if you can. Wait to do things that might be extra stressful to you if you can push them off a little. Realize that there were times where you didn’t feel like this, and those times will be here again soon. Talk to someone close to you if you can.

I don’t know if that helped at all, but just know you’re definitely not alone. Hopefully sharing your thoughts helped just a little too. Sometimes we just need to “make it through the day” even if it’s a disaster.


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