Feeling Melancholy

Sometimes I really hate that like I realized and accepted I was disabled when I did I’m at that shitty point in my twenties where my friends are getting done with school or are picking up more hours of work and just here I am kinda just existing


When we measure our lives against those of others, few of us are happy with the comparison. A millionaire measures success on a different scale than a boy with a paper route. Incredibly, the kid with the paper route is likely to be happier and have more hope.

Somewhere a highly paid, successful professional is crawling out of bed tired, feeling dread for having to slog through another daily routine he’s come to think of as tedious.

Somewhere else is a very old person, ill and weak, living in poverty, and awakening with a feeling of absolute joy and bliss because it’s a new day and he’s still alive.

One person can partake of a huge banquet and think nothing of it. Another person can block out the world and treasure the moment he gets to eat half a biscuit.

I know your life isn’t easy, and the effort you put into it is heroic - emotionally if not physically. I just hope you can experience a few pleasant moments - enough of them to make it tolerable.