Feeling miserable

Hi all, I’m new to this forum. Just felt like sharing the emotional turmoil in going through.
All the pain and insensitivity I’ve been subjected to, I’ve lost all the zeal and self confidence, i have started to feel that whatever I do it just can’t be right.
I feel that I’m unimportant and unworthy, I wish I could express my plight, but i just can’t put it in words.
I feel lonely, irrelevant, full of negative inklings.
They all keep in touch with me just for the heck of it, no one really cares if I exist or I don’t.
I’m sorry for ranting.


First Welcome here🙌 I’m glad that you post this here,you know I understand when you say that you feel unimportant and unworthy, all my life I have been feeling like that and no one deserve to have those thought. You are a living person, you have a reason to be alive, so you are important never think otherside. I know that feeling lonely can be so hard, I am feeling too but we can use that we are lonely for making things that we love or like, so when you feel lonely try to do something you like.
Take a great care :raised_hands:


From: kayla1508

Ugh, I know how this feels all too well. Recently I spent weeks crying myself to sleep every night because I didn’t believe anyone cared. I wanted to be dead so I didn’t have to burden anyone. I didn’t know what I needed to do to make the people who claimed to love me, love me again. Nothing I did would make me feel like I was good enough for anyone, even them. I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone. I promise that you’re not irrelevant here friend. We want to hear you. Hold Fast


From: tromboness

I hate the feeling that the choices you make are always wrong. That is also something I struggle with. But I guarantee that there are people that genuinely want you in their life. Sometimes you need to take the chance to let one of your friends know how you’re feeling. You are loved. Hold Fast.


From: tartansue2018

learning to love yourself on your own is so important. being stuck in a rut is something you have to work on in baby steps. for me I just recently started doing my makeup first thing when I wake up it has been helping so much


From: r0xiz

welcome to Heart Support friend. After reading this it seems that you are being bullied. I have been too. There are many here that are in your exact situation too. You are not alone here at Heart Support. You are special to us and you are not unworthy, don’t forget it my friend.


Thank you for opening up and being here @Irrelevant - we are glad you are here and care about you. I know that seems hard to believe where you are at right now, and that’s okay too. You aren’t doing or feeling anything wrong, it’s sometimes hard to see your value or that you are worthy. I think everyone needs a reminder sometimes, especially if they haven’t been built up to believe it.

Feeling down and worthless can restrain you into a situation where even hearing you are valuable, seems untrue. It can be difficult to pull back the curtain and not be blinded by all the light and love if you’ve been sitting in the dark a while. The more you are patient with yourself, the more that you expose yourself to the light, the more accustomed you will be to it. I hope that us telling you how much you are worth, helps you start to feel the warmth.

If there are some people in your life you feel only hang around because of convenience, you might be projecting your own view of your self view on them. There are some of those people in life, but sometimes what we believe really takes over our mind and its hard to see anything different. That is okay, it really is. However, you are worth the love and attention, and when you build up that feeling you will be able to decide easier who is there for you and who is there because its easy, or because they feel like they have to. For now, we are glad you are here to let us remind you of your worth.

Nothing we say here can absolutely break down that wall that you built to safely feel unworthy, but we can hear you from this side of the wall, and by posting here you popped out a brick and we see you and you are worthy.

Hold fast, @Irrelevant - You are worth it. You are loved.


Please don’t apologize for ‘ranting’. You are in a very safe space to do just that. You are important, you matter, and we are here to help you see that.

I am sorry that outside forces have stolen your vigor and confidence. I understand all these things and have experienced them before, in my own world. I would never want anyone else to feel that way.

I promise people DO care. When we open up a little, sometimes the best people for us walk into that space. We sometimes forget to allow people in, we have to first open the door. I’m sending you love. You are absolutely NOT unworthy and you matter.


Hey irrelevant, i hear you expressing that you feel neglected and that nobody cares. You said that you have lost your confidence. I know what that season of life feels like. It’s terrible. You feel caught in an endless cycle of despair. So how do we get out of that?? well we have to BREAK the cycle i mean making drastic life change like starting a new hobby, joining a community sport team, start reading books…what ever it is some that BREAKS the cycle…imagine taking the baseball bat of life to a ring of glass and just shattering it. It doens’t have to define you. BUT… for me it took a drastic change to start the good habit of adapting to new situations, new friends ect ect. as far as nobody caring there are people here right now taking time to love you and i imagine people who know you personally care too. but have you expressed yourself to them like you have to us? it might be worth being vulnerable and real to them. I dont have all the answers, but in my personal experience you define who you are and what your future looks like and you dont have to do it alone. We got you.


Im glad you decided to share your thoughts on here and I hope you continue to do so. And please understand that you do not need to apologise for expressing your thoughts and emotions.

I promise you that you are no way, shape or form irrelevant or unworthy. I want you to know that there will always be people who care whether you see it or not. I understand what you are going through, as I have been there myself and am still struggling, so I want to express how much gratitude I have for you to be able to be brave enough to share your feelings. You are strong just by still being here and it may be unbelievable but there will come a time when things start to improve.

I wish you all the best and always feel free to reach out to us. :slight_smile:


Hey @Irrelevant we covered your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream today! Here’s the live video response.

Hold fast!


This really means a lot, I mean I can’t believe, that someone is actually taking out time to talk about me.
I am sorry for being ambiguous about how I feel or the reasons for the pain perhaps.
I would surely try to pen it down as briefly as possible.


Guys I feel you’ll are wasting your time and energy on me, I just wanted to vent and I did, but come to think of it, I think I deserve it, everyone who has abandoned me they can’t be collectively wrong doesn’t make sense at all, I don’t remember when was the last I got a gift, hmm to be honest I don’t even remember when was the last someone gave me a hug, so yeah I have accepted my fate.
But it’s OK some things aren’t just meant to happen, it’s the difference between a fly and a bee, they come from the same family but one is worthless perhaps annoying, whilst the bee is beneficial, desired and appreciated, I come from the former I reckon.
Thanks a lot guys.
Take care

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Flies are not worthless. They’re only wrongly perceived and underestimated. :wink:

You’re being hard on yourself friend. And I’m really sorry you’re feeling that way. It sounds that you’ve been feeling very alone for a long time. And when we feel really isolated, we are more vulnerable to jump on harmful conclusions, self-fulfilling prophecies. It takes a toll on our self-confidence.

There were seasons in my life when I felt really alone too. When I had no one to talk with while I was struggling. And as I didn’t see my situation changing I started to accept the idea that I didn’t deserve anything better. But it wasn’t true. After some time I realized it was also a matter of opportunities, of meeting the right people, of building some self-confidence and sarting to actually take care of myself.

You are not wortless. You are worthly of love. You are loved.

But it takes time to accept that, to see and actually feel that way. I can assure you that no one is wasting their time or energy here. You matter. Because you’re you. Because you’re existing.

If you’re not on the HS Discord server, feel free to join the community there! https://discord.gg/bkvgGt And if you ever need to talk, my DMs are open to you.

Take care. :heart:

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