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Feeling Off and Life Goals

So I got yelled at a lot yesterday and decided I needed to re-write my life goals since I got really suicidal and whatever. I just feel so alone. And this guy I like who doesn’t like me back just makes everything hurt even more. I just wish I didn’t have to have a crush on him. I feel so unloved and so alone.
well here’s my life goals

  1. Get tattoos
  2. Get top surgery
  3. Be a husband and father one day
  4. Be in a band with my best mates
  5. Exercise and be healthy
  6. Get phalloplasty or metiodplasty

Hi Max
I am sorry you got to such a low point you felt suicidal. Having a crush on somebody that doesnt like us back can be very painful. But the pain will fade because one day you will realise that a person who doesnt see the value in us is not worth our time and that we should better look elsewhere. It is good that you made a list of the things you want in life. It is also good to take each ofthese goals and make steps that help you achieve those. Start from the easiest one :slightly_smiling_face:. I hope you will achieve them all one day


Hey @Max,

We’re so proud of you here for thinking about life goals, naming them as well. These are some amazing ones and definitely things to look forward to. Have you started to strategize a little more how to get there, little by little? I would assume that, for example, exercising is something you could start to build from now on, without really needing your current life circumstances to change.

As a heads up, we have groups on Discord that are called Action Groups - which are all about what you do here: defining goals and helping each other to reach them, little by little. Of course some of them are more for a longer future, but some could be initiated, or at least first steps, right now. In any case, if you need any regular support and accountability to reach your own goals, the Action Groups can be an excellent place for that! Feel free to check out this post Join an Action Group or a SWAT Team! and/or DM me a group Lead directly on Discord to get more information.

I’d love for you to feel less alone and benefit from a space like this one where you could be directly encouraged and work on your goals. <3

On a different note, would you like to talk about what happened? Who yelled at you yesterday/what was the matter with that person/these people?

You’re not alone. Your life is so important. If you feel hopeless and really spiraling into dark thoughts, please always use the crisis resources available in your country too. You never have to go through a rough time only by yourself.



Thanks I appreciate your support and reply <3


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