Feeling out of place

lately I’ve been feeling very burnt out when it comes to school. I don’t want to go to my classes, I feel too depressed and burnt out to do any homework and if I do homework, it takes me so long because it just feels like too much. Maybe it’s just because im ready to graduate/ready for the school year to be over, but I just feel really uninspired and not encouraged to do anything or try in school. I know I need to try even if I don’t want to, it’s just hard when all you want to do is lay in bed and stare at the wall. and on weekends, if I sleep in and try to catch up on sleep, when I wake up I just feel so overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start with my studying that I end up either overworking myself and being hard on myself if I don’t study or I lay in bed, try to go back to sleep and just not think about it. I don’t know what to do about it and I hate having this lazy feeling, but it doesn’t feel like I’m being lazy. I really am trying my best, it just feels like a huge weight is laying on me and I don’t know how to lift it off of me


@nicole_kaley oh boy does that sound so hard. I am so sorry you are struggling so much with school. Can I ask what you do while you try to work on homework and such? I ask because for me at times I would big high motivation songs that get me almost to dancing around a room so that I could work too it kind of like a work out but for homework. Hope that makes sense.
On the laziness have you talked to a therapist to me that does sound some what like school related depression. Might be wise to get a therapist opinion.

I am sorry you are struggling we are here for you.
Hold fast


Wow this is such a familiar situation. I dealt with that in school and now have times I deal with that at work. Sometimes you just have to plug along. Wish I had some magical advice. But know you are not alone in this struggle.

Hey @nicole_kaley,

I really am trying my best, it just feels like a huge weight is laying on me and I don’t know how to lift it off of me

It sounds that you are really overstrained. Of course it is not about laziness and it’s certainly not depending on the amount of motivation that you have! It’s not your fault and it can happen to all of us.

I can relate to that feeling. When I feel frustrated by what I’m doing (like having to study while you are ready to work already) or overwhelmed by the amount of things I have to do and think about, I react by doing almost nothing and also use sleeping as a way to avoid everything. When I feel stressed and when it goes beyond my control I become a huge procrastinator to the point that I don’t even care anymore. And then it requires so much energy to do the simplest things.

I can’t help but thinking that maybe talking about it to a doctor could help. So you can see if everything’s okay and your body doesn’t lack of anything. Winter, the absence of sunlight can also have a huge impact on our energy levels and on how we feel. Maybe vitamin supplements could help?

Also, in order to fight against this vague but overwhelming feeling of weight laying on you, maybe you can try to write down all the things you have to do, then define some priorities. It helps to have a concrete idea of what you actually have to do. For me, trying to have one goal everyday helps me to take some actions again but progressively. There was a time when I worked and studied at the same time and there was too many things that needed to be done in short amounts of time. Even though I wanted to do all at once - but ended doing nothing - I tried to set one “work goal” and one “study goal” everyday.

Most of the time, the first step is the hardest one. When you have something to do, it can be helpful to ask yourself: what is the first action I need to take? Then it tends to get easier and it’s like stacking small actions one after another. When I was used to exercise, I constantly had to battle against my mind telling me “I could stay here” (could be applied to so many things actually :D). So instead of thinking about the hour of running I wanted to do, I just thought about putting my shoes, then stepping outside and closing the door because it seemed to be a lot more doable . And from the moment I was outside, it was always a lot easier to actually start running.

In all of this, what remains important is to take care of you more than anything else. What could help you to feel better? To reconnect to your physical sensations for example? To ground yourself in the present moment. You can always take small steps. For example, when you feel like you only want to lay on your bed and stare at the walls, then maybe try to stay sit and have a warm cup of coffee at least. :slight_smile:

Also, when you sleep a lot and feel overwhelmed, it can be helpful to try to stay active, even just a little. Just walking outside, even a few minutes, and breathing some fresh air can help. I don’t know if it’s the same to you, but I know that when I’m not physically active I have this kind of unhealthy-exhausting tiredness. While exercising produces this “positive” tiredness which helps to feel lighter, have clearer ideas and have a restful sleep.

Anyway: it’s okay not to be okay and to rest in such circumstances. Just be careful that resting doesn’t become a way to avoid the things that are stressing you or make you feel depressed. It’s okay to talk about it as well and reach out. You’ll manage do to what you want or need. Just not all at once.

Hold fast. :heart:

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