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From melliemunster: Sigh. Started connecting with someone and I made communication mistake and they won’t forgive me and ghosted me.


hey friend,

making a communication mistake and being ghosted are both difficult things. when you start connecting with someone, there are so many nerves and anticipation so i totally understand how this can be a jarring experience. i’m sorry they aren’t willing to hear you out on an apology. i’m cheering you on for your journey ahead and that you’ll cross paths with someone you can communicate and connect with seamlessly!


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Hi there melliemunster,

Miscommunications always suck. I remember that there were instances where I may have said or done the wrong thing and then I lost people because of it. Sometimes words can be taken out of context or they can be taken differently. I hope that in whatever you were trying to do and convey, there is someone who may be able to understand you and where you are coming from. i am sorry that you did not reconcile with this person, but i hope that you meet more people along the way who understand you and who are kind to you.

lots of love and support,
daniela <3

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Hi! I’m so sorry that happened to you. Getting ghosted can be so frustrating and also hurtful if you really feel like you were making a connection with somebody.

I just want you to know that so many people these days get ghosted, so you’re not alone. Even though you were connecting with them, maybe they’re not the right person for you if they’re not willing to acknowledge your apology.

Hopefully, you can find someone you can connect with in the future!


It sucks getting ghosted and not being able to be heard or communicate with someone anymore so suddenly. I am so sorry that this person won’t forgive you but maybe it is for the best and maybe you will find some other stronger connections with people in the future, and maybe they won’t ghost you after a mistake.
Remember that we are humans and mistakes happen so maybe it was for the better, even though I know getting ghosted hurts maybe there are better things for you in the future!
sending love!

  • Domenica

hey! i am so sorry to hear that. it really sucks when a connection you were excited about just ends over a mistake. everyone messes up sometimes, and its rough that they weren’t willing to give you a chance in order to make things right. focus on taking care of yourself, and remember that there are plenty of people out there who you can connect with.

sending love, celina