Feeling stuck in life

Im at the point in my life where everything i do i feel like Im doing it wrong or like im burdening someone. I also feel like i have amazing friends that support me and care for me but i hate burdening them with my problems. basically im at the point where i feel lost and helpless in everything i do but i also feel like im a burden whos always complaining about things and i feel like im a burden to those around me. im in a amazing community on twitch who support me Pintsizedfun and she and her community help give me some hope in dark places. im just lost and need help but hate asking for it but i felt like it was finally time to get some help because im tired of being “Fake Happy” . thanks for giving me a place to vent i honestly didnt know what to say but just know in simple terms im lost and dont like to burden my friends with my issues

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Oh hai! I love you. <3
Thank you for posting and opening up. I understand how it is to feel like you’re a burden to the people around you. Pint is amazing and so is her community and I know she would be honest with you if she thought you were a burden. You’re a HUGE part of her community - she cares about you and so do we. We’ll never get tired of you or think you’re a burden. Keep coming back to us, keep using the safe communities you’re in… We love you, you’re amazing!

Hold Fast

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Hey Matt,

You and I have talked a few time in Pint’s stream, and I just want you to know that I love you so much friend, and I’m so glad that you decided to reach out, because you are loved and important, and I’m so freaking glad that you are here!

Now onto your topic, I get the idea of constantly feeling like a burden, but oh my goodness friend you are not a burden at all, we want to be here for you and love you and support you. It’s so hard to feel like you’re a burden to everyone around you! Because you and I both know that both pint and that entire freaking community love you, I love seeing you around, but yet you feel so alone! And it’s hard, it’s hard to reach out because you don’t want to push people away! But I’m so glad you reached out!

I love you Matt, and I just want you to know that you’re not a burden, and we love you and we are so glad you’re here. You’re not a burden, you’re wanted here, and you’re loved!

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,

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i guess i wanna reword that i dont feel specifically like a burden to pints community i feel it in general! that community is the people who support me most. but thank you guys for the kind words kayla and monkey

Hey there Matt,

Thank you so much for being open and sharing here with us, honestly that alone is not easy to do. But my friend you are not a burden, not in the slightest. We all struggle, and we all need support and community- there’s nothing wrong with that and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help! I am always thinking the same thing, that me asking for help is me burdening other people or making my friends’ lives more difficult. And it sounds like you have this great group around you. So many times, it’s our perception that we think we’re a burden… but the reality is that people are there when we reach out. Please know that we are here for you, and we honestly want to share those burdens with you too.

So much love,


First of all, congratulations on working around your hatred for asking for help. It’s a hard step, and once you do it, the path to not facing your problems alone opens.

You can always come here and talk about what’s bringing you down. and i’m sure your friends there also would love to see you open about what’s going on, cause that can be a path to make things better more often than it seems.

We’re here for you.

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Hey matt, it’s nate from the stream. Just wanted to say I love you and am proud of you.


What you need is a fresh perspective. Have you ever ask your friends/family if you “bug” them? A lot of times you think this because you expect something from them and what you receive isn’t on par with that expectation. Truth is you can usually tell when the people you care about are lying to you at times. So it is best to just be direct with them and express yourself. Tell them what you want from them.

If they blow you off then maybe they aren’t the right people and it is time to look for real friends/family. IMO

You aren’t a burden. (As for help. I suggest the professional kind. Therapists jobs are to focus, listen and to help you.) Return, we’ll be here for you.

@Mattdawes16 Here is our response from our live stream with @NateTriesAgain , I hope it’s an encouragement to you! Hold Fast!


thank you guys so much!