Feeling suicidal lately

I’m been feeling really depressed, I’m so angry and hurt that person I love left me. I’m nothing with her, I feel our relationship was a lie. I just wanna cut my wrist, and jump off a building. I want to hurt her and make her suffer, like I have suffer. Why the fuck did she just let me hang and dry.

I’m meant to be alone…


Hey Metalskater1990,

I know that feeling all too well. I was in a relationship for a long time and when you put in so much time and effort and they’re gone, you have this void and you don’t know if you’re gonna be able to live with it. Hurting her won’t accomplish anything, because in the end nobody wins. Do you have friends that you can confide in? Or even just hang out, get your mind off things? Just remember, the path to recovery and healing is a marathon, not a sprint. We all want you here <3

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Hi Friend,
thank you for sharing. after my 8 year relationship, after the breakup i also felt like there is nothing there
for me. you feel empty and alone, lonely.
Hurting other people is in my eyes not the right way to overcome. you will feel bad about that lately.
focus on yourself, on your own progress and prove them wrong for letting you down.
no one is meant to be alone, finding the right person needs time but when you find it, it is even more
satisfying then before. you are meant for better things. give yourself time to heal, take care of yourself,
do things that you love with people you love. share with us.
You will do good, you matter my friend and you deserve better. Have a nice day and feel hugged,

I’ll say it again.

Someone’s lack of interest romantically in you is just a sign that you’re incompatible, not a sign of your value. There are millions of people in this world. You won’t be for everyone and they won’t be for you. It isn’t a reflection of either of your value.

You lost your Favorite Person and one that you felt romantically for. She was your friend and she gave you attention. Us folk with BPD feed on that and when someone shows us attention we have the unfortunate ability to latch on and they become the air we breathe. We feel like we can’t live without them.

You did a lot for her… as a friend would. She told you that you were not a weirdo and that you were a good person. She spent time with you and made you feel good…That’s a great friend…It wasn’t a lie.

But… she has a boyfriend. You told her you had feelings for her and she turned you down. You can’t force someone to “like” you. You can’t expect someone to dump their partner for you, because in your head you believe you should be together. You just can’t. You have to let her go, friend.

When someone with BPD looses a Favorite Person, their whole world comes crashing down. You can feel it in your chest and you literally feel like you’re going to die. Sometimes, it can take months or years to get over loosing a FP. You will ruminate and sometimes become obsessed with the fantasy that you will get them back or how you’re going to get them back for hurting you. Sometimes, the hurt can push you over the edge and you might do something you regret or something that gets you in trouble.

Give yourself some time to heal before you decide to do something you will regret. No person in this world is worth ending your life over.

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