Feeling unloved

Hi… I wonder if I could get some love? I am going through one of those days where I can’t bare with myself, is been like these for a couple of weeks now but today it feels at it’s peak.
I suffer of codependecy, depression, anxiety and attachment traumas. I have gathered a series of exercises and routines and I have a handful of resources and tools to help me take care of myself but today I just feel crushed by this feeling that I don’t know it’s source, but is there, is heavy, it shocking… My best guess is that I don’t feel loved, and feel alienated, I feel like I am cursed.
I which I could talk openly about it but I am afraid everyone will see me as a freak or that I just need attention, which might me true you know, maybe all I need is just a bit of warm and encouragement and not have to beg for it.
I know this is the right place to be open like this. Thank you.


Sending some love from Germany <3 having one of those sleepless nights. We’re all in this together one way or another

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It’s great that you are reaching out. Please do not feel ashamed to open up here on the forum. We are all here to listen and support you without negative judgement.
Sending well wishes, love, and hugs your way!:two_hearts::two_hearts:
I hope your day improves. Reach out more if you need!

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Thank you. My night turned the same, 1 am and I can’t sleep. I don’t even feel “bad” but my mind is everywhere right now lol. I guess I’ll watch some youtube.

Thank you. Tbh I wasn’t afraid of opening and reaching for love. I was afraid of not believing people words; I have trusting issues lol.
I am glad I reached, I know you people speak from your hearts.

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Hey @CupOfCoffee,

I just wanted to addd some extra-love to this convo today. I read the story you shared on another post and it’s at the same time an honor and a priviledge to read your words. Thank you.

Some days are just overwhelming. It’s hard to fight against this weird feeling of being just deeply vulnerable and drained. It sounds that you’ve been doing a lot to take care of yourself, and that’s a victory you can always be proud of. I hope you allow yourself to rest when you need it as well.

You are loved, sincerely. Even when you feel crippled by doubts and fears. Even when it seems harder to just wake up and exist. It’s okay to ask for some love when you feel vulnerable, for a hug or just an ear to listen. If we don’t support each other when we need it, then what’s the point? :wink:

I’m glad you feel safe enough here. Again, it’s always an honor to read you. Thank you for sharing.

Sending love from Belgium. :slight_smile: :hrtlegolove:


Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time of going through my other post. It was nice to share my history, since it’s not a normal topic in daily conversations lol.
For me that is one of my weaknesses, just expressing myself, here I can exercise that through words.
I’ve read some of your own posts and replies too and it’s nice to read you because you always bring a fresh point of view and you have a nice well structured line of thoughts.
Hugs from Venezuela!

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