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Feeling unlucky, sad, and unsure on what to do next

Lately I’ve been not my best self. And this happens frequently whenever I am at home.

With the end of Sophomore year of college not ending on the right note in one of my classes, by receiving an NRC (No Record Corona) Grade for restarting like 75% of my Interactive Media final assignment literally 2 days before the final after the harsh critique that I’ve received from the professor during the last class before the whole final app was due and to be presented. With the NRC grade, this is another way that makes me feel like I am not the best I could be in my college. I feel like a big flunk especially after receiving the accusal of plagiarism on an assignment that I didn’t plagiarize the previous spring semester (SP19). I had to go to the dean of the college, a year ago, (May 23rd 2019) which was my bday. A week later I got “Failure of course” for something I didn’t do, which isn’t right. And this is still on my nerves, a year later.

I just wanted to make it clear that an NRC grade is equivalent of withdrawal and means that the course, in the case of a required course, has to be repeated; NRC will primarily be given to students who were already performing at a very low level during Weeks 1 through 9 and who were not able to turn things around during the post-Corona period. Which, I wasn’t performing at a low level, and I was able to turn things in, my mum was a witness for my submission of my final assignment.

Besides that, I have a parent that is always up my neck about EVERYTHING…. It’s gone to a point where it is very annoying (which also happens frequently). It’s like I can’t do much of what I want to do, and that I shouldn’t be doing things that I like to do.

At times, I feel like I need to be like her “slave” and only do whatever she wants. If I did this, I’d probably wouldn’t have fun, and be able to chat with people. As a student with a disability, I haven’t had many friends and always was the one being bullied. Even at home I feel like I am getting bullied, and I am unsure of what to do.

Right now, I don’t feel my best self, and I am very upset. It feels like I can’t do a whole lot to keep myself happy, as I feel locked up and can’t do much, and have no ideas on what graphic design project I could be doing next now that it’s summer break.

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SlothGirl… I’m sorry you’re going through this… You got an NRC just for doing what’s right and turning in your stuff on time and performing at a high level. You shouldn’t have to restart the class.

With the parent situation, I’m in that same spot. I’m struggling with homework and I got my phone taken away because of it. I feel like I can’t do much of what I want to do when my mom’s around because I’m worried I’ll get in trouble. However, I feel like your mom is doing some of the things to protect you and because she loves you. Sure, you can’t do a lot of what you want, but maybe you could talk to your mom and work something out with her, find a schedule of things that she wants to do with you, and what you want to do?

With the being bullied at home, maybe you could try setting up some boundaries or something?
Also, with the graphic design stuff, though I never really gotten into it myself, maybe you could work on some fun things; Twitch banner, twitch logo/icon, computer wallpaper, etc.

I hope things get better for you friend,

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