Feeling useless.. want a job

I have no job and every time I’m looking at my wife, I’m just tearing up because I don’t have the money to take her out. I’ve been applied for so many jobs but no one calls me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just really need a job so I can take care of my wife.

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This post makes me so happy. It proves how much you truly care and love your wife. Just remember, love isn’t materialistic. You want to take care of her, so love her unconditionally. Being together, you can overcome anything and everything you set your mind to. I promise you, even if you think it hurts her, I’m sure she’s so proud to have a husband like you. Keep trying. If you’ve been let down several times, you continue to try. Try and try and try. There is someone and something that needs to be done out there. There is hope for you and your family. I will pray for you.


Hey @Sawreh,

Thank you for being here. :heart:

You are such a caring partner! Just in a short message we can see all the love you have for her.

Not having a job is a struggle. I get that. I’ve lost mine a few months ago and here comes the time when I’ll have to look for a new one. And as I’ve been already in years of financial struggle before that it just brings a lot of anxiety again. But it’s important to take care of ourselves during this amount of time. It requires a lot of energy to search and find a new job. Please don’t forget that it takes times. There are also things you can do and things you can’t control and it’s important to distinguish them clearly so you don’t carry a burden that you just don’t need.

But more importantly: you are not a bad partner if you don’t have a job. Your love goes beyond that.

I understand how you might be feeling right now, even though our lives are different obviously. Worst thing ever to me was Christmas season when my family and friends were offering me gifts while I didn’t have anything for them because I couldn’t buy anything. I just felt so ashamed. And as we live in a very materialistic society there are plenty of events and things that are reminders to us that we don’t have a job. And it’s common to think that you’re not good enough or a failure if you don’t work. But you are more than your job and you don’t have nothing right now. I bet you already take care of your wife! And you can show her how much you care and love her in many different ways. Kind words and attentions, having a walk together, watching a movie, cooking together or prepare the dinner for her, talking about your interests and passions (…). :wink:

I wish for you that you’ll get a positive response soon so you can find some relief and security. I hear your frustration. But you won’t be in this situation forever friend. You are smart and capable. You’ll get there! Hold fast. :heart:


Job hunting can be demoralizing, but I believe God opens the right doors at the right times. He has always provided for me at the most unexpected times. Like the others have said, you are more than you think you are because you place the love you have for your wife ahead of your own selfish desires. Hang in there, and all will work out the way it’s meant to.

All that said, I strongly believe in the power of networking. The more people you engage with on a professional level, even your friends, the more leads you can come up with. If you want, feel free to DM me. I can help you with your resume, networking tips, job resources, and ideas to broaden your reach. I am always glad to pay forward all the career advice I’ve gotten over the years.

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I already updated my resume but idk why people are not interested in me to work for them.

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The low unemployment rate is making it really hard for employers to find qualified candidates. That said, it’s nearly impossible to make your resume stand out in a sea of boring sheets of paper. Hiring managers usually only read the top half of the first page of a resume. Are you on Indeed or LinkedIn? If not, get some profiles up and make them sharp. If you are, reach out to local recruiters to let them know you’re looking for work. Recruiters get paid by the hiring companies, so they don’t get paid until they get you a job, and using them doesn’t cost you anything.

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Thank you so much for your support. I will try what you told me.

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