Feeling uselesss

Hey guys, I’m new here but I thought I share some thoughts I’ve been having, it’s not easy talking about It to people about my feelings, ive been feeling useless and not good enough for anything or anyone, I feel like no matter what I do, I can’t do anything right and always feel like a burden to everyone…


Tyler thank you soo much for reaching out… Your feelings are completely valid, however i want you to know that you aren’t along either. I too felt this way in my life for a long time. The truth is that you have potential but might be having a difficult time expressing that in the way you want to see manifested in your life. You are not useless. Everyone has the capacity to do good things, its a personal choice. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Nobody in this world validates your worth, that happened the moment you were born. A miracle of life, that value cannot be taken away. I can understand how it feels to think that you are a burden and that you cant do anything right, but thats simply not true. it took a lot of time but i eventually was able to expose this lie, and thats exactly what it is… a lie we tell ourselves. I started looking for small successes each day to help start turning my attitude about life around, Making my bed cleaning my living space and being proud of that. showering brushing teeth ect ect…those small successes helped me to have a healthy pride and gave me the confidence i needed to make the changes i needed. I hope that we can continue to talk, because i feel like i used to say these SAME words to myself and i feel a connection with that. Im sorry that you are in this battle with your heart, but everything to succeed is within you and you are not alone in that fight my friend.


Hi, Tyler

First of all, welcome to the Heart Support Community and to the support wall. I’m glad that you reached out I know sometimes that can be very scary and difficult.

Secondly, I want you to know that these feelings you are having are completely understandable. In fact, they are emotions that I have fought many times and often still do. You are not alone.

I think in a way that a lot of us battle these emotions at some point in our life. But it’s important for you to know that you are not useless. We naturally in our lives will have moments where we struggle. Where we just don’t know what to do. Sometimes we may know what to do but don’t know how to gather up the motivation or energy to do what we need.

I have found that taking a moment to sit down and write down all of the things you wish, Hope for and dream for is very helpful. And then ask yourself what is needed in order for those things to exist and to happen. Once you do that, begin to write small realistic and reasonable goals that could help you achieve those things you wish, Hope and dream for. Pick a place that you can begin to work on. The things that you can control and one thing at a time.

Sometimes all we need are small changes in our lives to help these feelings of uselessness go away.

Just know that there is someone who cares. Who supports you. And there is always an open space for you, here.

I hope that things start to get better for you. You are important and valued. Your feelings matter. YOU matter. Even when it may not always feel like.

Much love

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Thank you! It’s nice to talk about these feelings with people that understand.

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Thank you! All this positive responses make me feel much better.