Feeling very low lately

What do you guys do when you feel like you are not good enough.

I tell you what cypher all the good things youve done, not just the things for other people but the things for you put them all together. You will see how good you really are focus more on you and not what you do for others thats what works for me thats how i get by. I tell myself im awesome everyday just cause i value making myself happy more than others at the end of the day i feel accomplisment because i did me and made myself feel worthy fo me


I call a friend because I tend to spiral into my own thoughts of worthlessness if I am left to my own devices. Sharing what I’m feeling and thinking with a friend helps me get it out there, to air out my laundry, and then they can help me find what is true from what is false.


Unfortunately im the friend everyone comes to when they need something but when i need it no one is around

I try to focus on my personal value and do things that will bring me happiness and satisfaction. I’m not suggesting that you be selfish, but it’s very easy to get caught in a downward spiral when you only try to please other people. You have to focus on loving yourself first, because if you are living for others with no regard for your own happiness, it can lead to a dark place. Being secure with who you are will help you to feel better not only about yourself but also about helping others. I hope this was helpful.


I can relate to this so here is what I can say to you . YOU need to identify why you feel like this. This will help you start feeling better. Then find a way to cope. I like music. Since I feel this a lot because of my disability. I try to remind my self of y worth .


Don’be too hard on your self. Laugh at your own mistakes in move on. Just keep in mind that God loves us so much and we are created on his image and likeness. No matter what this world tells you we are always good enough and love by God through Jesus Christ!


I reach out to the HeartSupport community. Come and join the discord - jump into the streams, there are so many people that will help you combat those voices. There is also a HeartSupport mobile app which has some Truth recordings on there - they are all just a few minutes long recorded by the staff at HeartSupport that you can just switch off and listen too if you’re unable to get a hold of anyone. You ARE good enough.

Hold Fast

YouTube motivational videos lol. I know he’s strength and conditioning coach but Elliot Hulse has great videos about change, anxiety, depression and routine.

Yoga and/or fitness. Great for releasing endorphins, improving circulation and creating new goals whether it’s fitness related or not.

This community has your back and we all love you❤️👊

Hey @Hardcoresavedme11 - Your thoughts are extremely powerful. When I’m not feeling like I am not good enough, I actively combat those thoughts with words of life and affirmation. I highly recommend for you to check out this video, stressing how powerful your thoughts are. You’re strong and we believe in you!

I am a MASSIVE slam poetry fan, and I spend hours upon hours listening to various poems on various things it takes my mind off stuff, or I’ll write new lyrics, or play drums and guitar.

All of my coping mechanisms are just to take my mind off it so I can give it time for this negative thoughts to pass.

These are two of my favourite poems, they talk about depression which is something I think a lot of us real are to. Perhaps give them a listen? :heart: