Fighting AT ALL COST

Hi guys my name is Erica there are mornings I wake up like this morning saying the hell with it but then I hear one of my three babies yell MOMMY and I hear God yelling back at me FIGHHHHHHHHT ERICA FIGHHHT I know we all will fight something in this life everyday of our lives as much as I have anxiety and depression I know I will win this fight with people like all of you we are not alone and God is so good to us we have to believe that we have bigger plans it’s hard I know but sometimes he has to break us all down to the point that all we have is him to rely on this morning I woke up thinking ok I’m done I can’t live like this anymore I messages Heartsupport on IG and they responded a sign I’d say YES and to know that we have light in our lives that we can count on I pray we all never EVER HIVE UP HOPE EVER and that we continue to fight I have my days I cried like a baby and sometimes we just need to break like I said earlier GIVING UP ISNT AN OPTION ANYMORE I’m way to competitive to give up I pray God breaths life into each and everyone of us and we know that BAD THINGS HAPPEN YES BUT WE DONT HAVE BAD DAYS WE HAVE GOD TO COUNT ON and EACH OTHER I love all of you let’s fight this battle till the end I’m here for all of you like I know you all are too xoxo
Your Friend



I believe in you, I’m proud of you, keep fighting.


You are very strong for fighting and I am so happy to hear that you are staying strong :heart:
Thank you for sharing that and please reach out whenever you need extra help to fight
We believe in you!!

Thank you and same for you I’m so gladness I found this page so blessed love ya

I appreciate you so much thank you and im here for you as well you’re the best

Love ya

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