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Fighting Depression. Lack of Motivation. Art Block

Just keeping it real. I always tell people to come to the HeartSupport wall when they’re struggling and encourage them to reach out for some encouragement… but it’s always so hard to follow my own advice. Truth is we ALL have our times of struggle… and this week has been a struggle bus marathon for me.

I’ve been fighting of depression symptoms all week. I recognize them. I will be all right. I know what this is and I am much stronger than I used to be. But dang when it hits it hits hard. I’ve been lethargic and slow. I have about zero motivation but so much work to do. Major artist block, but I’m a work from home artist and I’ve got bills to pay. Trying to force through it and trying all the tricks I know. I’m just in a no work mode. Can’t seem to get enough sleep. Even though I just slept for 10 hours. I still feel drained and like my head is heavy.

I’m not communicating very well. I’m not my normal bubbly silly self. I know I will be… and hopefully soon. Just trying to figure out where this imbalance is coming from this time. It always comes… and it always goes. Just venting since I always encourage other people to vent and be open. Trying to make healthier choices and get back on track so I can move forward. It’s really only been a few days but it feels like a month. Bleh. Dumb depression and your physical tolls

Sometimes depression doesn’t have a trigger. Sometimes nothing goes wrong but it crops up anyway. Sometimes the best thing to do is not fret “where did this come from” and simply to remember “it happened because depression just happens.”
I’m glad you decided to rant, I feel like any kind of reaching out can help people feel better.
Hope you start feeling better soon.


hey @amandaruthart ,
Hey friend , We love you . I know your in a tough/rough situation rightnow and thats okay . We are allowed to have good days and bad days. Take some time to yourself . Sometimes when we help others we may not know how to help ourselfs.
Hope things get better for you .
Hold fast You’re worth it

  • Ashley :hearts: