Fighting my anxiety, stress, etc

I have been struggling a little. People has been mistreating me.

One girl actually called me something, and said I never kissed a boy. She also told me to die in a hole one year. I am trying this technique. I am using a box to use to write down my emotions and thoughts about people who has hurt me the most.

I’m trying to control my anger and anxiety, and writing things down seems to help. I actually harmed myself by cutting my wrist with a razor. I don’t want to harm myself in any way, but it’s really hard.

I know that I’ve been using this “wall” so much, though. And I know that it’s okay to use it, but sometimes I feel like I use it too much.

I really appreciate you guys for trying to help. Just know that I am not too patient, lol!

FYI, I have kissed a boy, (my ex). So why would someone want to make me feel like crap?


Writing is such a powerful tool to have. How do you feel after you’ve written it down? Do you keep this in a journal and is it something that you reflect on, or does it help writing it down and put it out of your mind?

Sometimes people can say hurtful things and am make actions towards us that are cruel, that isn’t a reflection on you, but on them. Kindness is a powerful tool, and I know that you have been such a kind person to others.

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I hope you’re leaving those who mistreat you behind. It’s important to process feelings in a non-harmful way, but it’s also important to avoid further dealings with those who’ve proven to be unkind.

There’s a very popular mindset that suggests that people who feel bad want other people to feel as bad as they do, hence the will be mean and nasty. Another way of saying it is that people in pain often pass their pain on to others. Among young people, it’s a common mistake to seek acceptance from people who for whatever reason have a bad attitude towards others, or at least those who don’t meet their criteria for “worthiness.”

It takes a great deal of emotional stamina to be around mean people without letting their meanness affect you. It’s a strength worth cultivating.

Writing is something powerful, to clear your mind, also to manage your mind a bit better. in times of trouble we might
forget some things, or even feelings or emotions that we are going through. with writing we have it out of our mind and also a reminder of it. even if it is something negative, it is still out of our head for a while.
people will say hurtful things in the future to you, that is the case so often.
like @ManekiNeko said, how you act is your decision, how someone reacts to you, what someone says to you is theirs. treat others like you want to be treated. that is easy said, but try it. in the end, you did everything right from
your side. and people will take notice of that.
you can come back here anytime you need it. :purple_heart:

I have already blocked her on my social media, and I got rid of her phone number once in for all.:rage: I care about her, but I also want her to feel better that nobody is going to hurt her because she has really good friends.

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Thats really brave and not an easy decision to make. It can be hard to put boundaries in place, but you Di that! And the fact that you want her to still have her friendships is really nice of you. It can sometimes be easy to get carried away with anger and want other people to know how much this person has hurt us.

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Yeah…I don’t hate her, she just needs to know most people are sensitive. I’m very proud of her for pushing through the tough times. Tough times could harden and make you worry, but there’s no need to worry, because there are people out there who doesn’t want to hurt you or anyone else. You just have to get some help and hope for the best. But taking anger out on other people isn’t the answer.

I even showed her this site. But I don’t know if she has gotten to it yet. I really hope she’ll be okay, but she just needs some time to relax and not be too hard on herself.

I always try to be nice to others who are mean. That’s just my thing.

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That is a truely beautiful sentiment! That was so encouraging to read, kayltelynn, I love that you have that mindset! :heart:

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Hey @Katelynn, I just wanted to check in with you and see how you’re doing.

It sounds like you really handled this situation like a champion – I truly comment you for it. Not only by acknowledging and respecting your own feelings, but also by taking in account the fact someone who’s hurting is generally more inclined to try to hurt others. And it sounds like it’s been the case with this friend. Ultimately… more hatred leads to nowhere, although it is essential to acknowledge when we were hurt, and to give ourselves room to process how it makes us feel. This world would be so much better if arguments and conflict were resolved each time with so much wisdom. We need more peace, calm and empathy. Well done, friend. <3

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