Figuring Out my Sexuality

I think I’m starting to find my sexuality, but I’m still unsure.
I think I’m asexual aromantic, because while I want a relationship with someone, I don’t want the sexual part of the relationship. However, I also don’t exactly want a relationship either. A friend said I could also be greyromantic asexual because of that. I do have a crush on someone but I don’t see myself being with him at all. Any advice or anyone else like this that could give me advice?


I’m not very sure if this will be any helpful, but I identify as asexual aromantic. I did have a girlfriend before, but I honestly cannot tell if I actually liked her or not. It’s pretty clear for me, that I’m asexual. For the aromantic part, well- I can neither see myself in a relationship nor do I actually want one. I’ve always cringed at any romantic interaction in movies and stuff.

I know the uncertainty about your sexuality is really frustrating and you probably want to figure it out as soon as possible. But it’s totally okay to be unsure. I went from “I’m totally straight and female” to bisexual and then to asexual aromantic non-binary. My best friend went from a lesbian to liking guys and changing his pronouns to he/they. And if you just choose to not put a label on yourself, that’s completely valid too. One of my friends does that too. She just doesn’t care about label’s.

I suggest looking up different sexualities and spectres and maybe reaching out to lgbtq+ forums. Hope you can figure it all out!


Hey @alexgamer_hameowlton

Thank you for reaching out. Sexuality can be real pickle to figure out and it took me a while to find out my truth about the topic. There are a lot of different fora and groups online where you can find more information about your sexuality. You think you are asexual, so maybe it’s a good idea to find out more on the topic. When I was struggling with the question if I was asexual or not, some of my friends suggested to check out AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Network). This is a website in which you can find a lot of information about asexuality and they also have a forum part in which you can ask your questions about sexuality.
I do want to put a warning out there though, a lot of members of that community have had sexual trauma because people didn’t respect their boundaries or they didn’t understand that asexuality was a thing. So please be respectful if people don’t want to talk about it. It’s the same warning I got when I got told about this community, hence why I’m paying it forward. But I think it’s a great place to find more information about asexuality and aromantic or greyromantic.



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