Final update for now

Me and my friend made up after having a big fight. Turns out it was just one big understanding and we had to find common ground. I feel 2x more happier and supported in the friendship than i did before. Even when we were both extremely hurt, there was still part of us that couldn’t hate the other. I guess this is what you call a best friend now? Never had one but it sure does feel like it. Just realized we’re inseparable.


I am so happy for you. :blush:

You have really found a true friend. Withstanding fights and arguments with those closest to us makes our bond with them so much stronger. I believe in you two I truly do. I wish you both the best. :blush:


Hi Amaris, I am very glad to see that you are now friends again. We all sometimes disagree on something but at the end of the day a real friendship can never be broken. I love the feeling when we appreciate the connection between each other more and just realise how wonderful friendships and relationships can be. I wish you luck with the rest of your life :hrtlegolove:


thats amazing! im glad you and your friend got back together, it feels great to have a best friend thats inseparable and im very happy that you have one that will stay with you forever. :hrtlegolove:


I am so very happy to read this update Amaris!
It sounds like you have truly found the definition of what any relationship is about. We don’t always have to agree on everything, and sometimes it is okay to disagree, the most important thing is to remember the respect and love.
Everything we go through with someone can make as stronger together, as long as the respect is with us, and it definitely sounds like you have that here! <3

I am truly happy you have found someone you can feel like this with!


Hey Amaris
You had quite a day yesterday didn’t you but you went full circle and it all came lead to that amazing conclusion that you and your friend were just meant to be and that is wonderful. True friends are so hard to find so you are both extremely lucky to have found each other. Try not to take each other for granted, just have many happy moments that you can look back on together. I wish you both well.
Much Love Lisa :heart:


Hello Amaris!

I’m so glad you’ve gotten to such a great place in this friendship you’ve been posting about. It can be a struggle to find the right balance and it sounds like you two are well-balanced and being open and that is wonderful. I’ve never had a best friend either but it sounds like that may be what you have found and that is such an amazing gift. I hope the two of you continue to support one another and continue enjoying your friendship for decades to come. :yellow_heart:


I just read through your recent topics and it is truly heartwarming to read such beautiful updates. It seems that your friend and you have managed to find some closure through conversations and the desire to keep doing life together. That’s beautiful! The strongest friendships are the ones who overcome the obstacles and grow thanks to them. This time it has been turned into an opportunity for both of you to understand each other better, and somehow reaffirm your mutual intentions. I’m so very glad for both of you. Enjoy the good times. Be proud of your ability and willingness to overcome the tough ones while holding hands. This is life happening right there and deploying the most beautiful parts of it.

I wish the best to your friend and you, and may this friendship keep growing stronger each day.

Hold Fast. :hrtlegolove:

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