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Finally got email straghten out / hate working overtime

Today I got my email at my work figure out, and was able sent proof of my vaccine card. However I still this anxiety that I did it wrong, even thou I had someone help me lol.

They made work overtime tonight again, however I was being a dava about. It really good money, but tire of working from 9am to 8:30pm some days. My therapist even said don’t work no more overtime. They did found someone to work the nights, so hopefully I don’t need to do it. Cause feeling really drag out and tire of it.

It been a bummer, I have not be able to go my DBT meeting, due to therapist not being available. She been dealing with family issues, but been reaching out to us. Still it suck I don’t have class that help me out and give me skills to work on.


so glad you the email sorted out and sent in the proof!

Glad that getting help made it easier and got the task done. Overtime an making some extra money is great, but you also need to take care of your health and make sure you rest enough. Especially if you like the job, it’s really important to have a balance between work hours and free time, because burn out is real, and it can ruin an otherwise lovely job!

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I hated being pressured into working overtime, but when I became more independent, I worked even longer hours. Overtime is expensive to an employer, so they are probably looking for a way to make it unnecessary.

I’m glad you therapist is still reaching out to you. That is evidence that she really cares about you. Much of the benefit you have received through your therapy sessions remains with you, even when she’s not around. In challenging situations, you can ask yourself, “what would she say about this?” I ask the same questions to myself about those who I admire, for example, “what would the Dalai Lama have to say about this?”

You have stuck it out, and worked through some difficult situations. Take notice of your successes, even the small ones. That’s how confidence emerges. Confidence reduces anxiety. With less anxiety, all of your body systems work better, including your mind. If it helps, drop by here and tell us how you made it through the day. Making it through the day with your mood intact is a noteworthy success.

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Hey @Metalskater1990,

What a relief for the email! Well done for reaching out to someone, really. I’m so glad they were able to help you. Together we’re stronger, right?

Anxiety may still be here, but it’s certainly because the whole situation made you reconsider a lot of things about yourself, your life in a way that was catastrophizing. Your fears are valid. Until this situation with the vaccine is behind you, you might still feel some anxiety as you might expect that something else would happen again and stress you. Make sure to enjoy this victory though. You’ve done something really important and achieved a major step in order to resolve the situation. You are mor ethan allowed to give yourself the credit you deserve for it, because you’ve been facing and combatting your fears and worries. That’s a lot.

I’m glad to hear that your therapist keep reaching out to you despite the absence of meeting. It’s really good that they check in on you. I hope with all my heart that you’ll be able to see them and work on your DBT coping tools soon. It’s a matter of time, friend. We’ll keep supporting you through it. :hrtlegolove:

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