Finally naming with band on Sunday I hope!

Today, I forgot to take my meds and might having some beers ( not going get drunk). So far today was pretty normal and non drama day. However, I feel inner impulses burning inside my head, not being good enough, or my shadow is intense.

Been feeling very intense anxiety, meeting up people to jam finally. Hoping that it won’t be a shit show, or people will show up. Spend 80 dollars for a space one night.

Really want to turn my solo project into a band. However, I don’t want turn into a control freak and losing my shit, becoming more for an egotistical asshole. But really want this badly.

Only thing that this guy keep asking can we cover this song or that song. To be fair, I try learn fat lip by sum 41 ( actually really fun song to play). Also this guy was to do a MCR I’m not okay. It funny I should talk shit about that band in high school, but I’m having hard doing those cords. Which pissed my ego off more, but I guess grow up sent high school.

Well I’m hope things go well


Im glad to hear your day has gone off pretty peacefully.

I just want to say is, that in alot of these situations, communication is king, whoever your bandmates may be, let them know about this. And reassure them that you are trying your best to keep everything running smoothly.
Understanding is truly important, and if they can understand you better, you can form closer bonds and grow together.
You seem really passionate about this idea, and i’d reccomend you persue it. After all, sheilding yourself from loss also sheilds you from joy, and will generate regret.

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Hey @Metalskater1990, I hope things will go well too! The anxiety is absolutely understandable - this is an important part of your life and your heart! It’s going to be okay though. By putting yourself out there and trying, you can’t fail. Only continuous learning arise from each experience we have.

Let us know how it goes for you? Wishing you all the best!

Also, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. :hrtlegolove: :christmas_tree:

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