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Finally reached out

Hi this is my first time posting :slight_smile: I did something I should have done something a long time ago. I have struggled with anxiety for years. It seems to have gotten worse during quarantine. It is a little scary- letting others know how I feel. I’ve never been this open about my feelings before. I went to the doctor, got prescribed medication and have an appointment with a therapist soon. Honestly, I’m proud of myself. This is so out of my comfort zone but I think it’s really important. I have to admit, my anxiety towards the medication is high. I’m scared to take it but I trust my doctor that it will help. It’s always scary introducing something new. I’m also very nervous for my appointment with a therapist. But, I guess being nervous over these things is the reason I should be changing things up.


!!! You are incredible.

Welcome :heart::tulip:

That’s so awesome @nyc. You are awesome. It can be really uncomfortable to reach out, especially while struggling with anxiety, but you did it! And that’s such a healthy step to take for your mental health, your well-being.

Indeed, it’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and you did it well! Doing this effort of reaching out is worth it. Now, I hope for the best to you during this new journey, also with your therapist! Feel free to share about it if it can help. Thank you already for sharing this important step with this community. You deserve not to let anxiety prevent you to live how you want.

Keep shining love, you’re doing great! :sunflower: