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Finally something good

ok so, i told my mom all i am struggling with and that i am not ok, and yup she started helping me. i never thought this would happen. i am so glad that i talked with her. she understands now all of my past mistakes such as self harming. :heart:


That’s so awesome, @bianka. So, so happy for you right now. It’s really good that your mom reacted that way and is willing to help you as you need and deserve. It’s so precious to have allies like her by your side while you are healing!

Proud of you for reaching out, friend. You’re wonderful. :hrtlegolove:

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hey @bianka
That is such good news! I’m proud of you for asking for the help you need. I’m also really happy for you that your mom understands and is willing to help you. Feel free to keep on reaching out here if you need it, but I’m really happy you also have a supportsystem at home.
You’re Loved :hrtlegolove:

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